Further Proof I’m a Mermaid

Last night was a good one! There are a ton of venues and shows and things to do in Boston but after a long day of working I love going home to the Northshore.  When a show comes to venues and shows in my hood there are very few. I was lucky enough to hit up an outdoor concert last week and last night, I hit up a musical at a venue just 10 minutes from my house!

My sister got me a gift certificate to the North Shore Music Theater for my birthday and when I looked at the up come schedule I knew exactly what I wanted to see.

The Little Mermaid!

The Little Mermaid

It was my favorite Disney movie growing up, I dressed as a mermaid multiple times for Halloween (in my adult life) and I love swimming. That basically makes me a mermaid making this a show I couldn’t miss.

Little Mermaid Tickets

After waiting for months, my mom, sister and I finally saw the show last night and it was amazing! The singing and dancing were great but the costumes really stole the show.  The “Under the Sea” scene is my favorite from the movie and was absolutely my favorite from the play.

The theater’s Director of Marketing came on stage post-show to say The Little Mermaid has been their highest grossing show in years and I can see why. They killed it!

Other reason why I am a mermaid:

I took the Buzzfeed “Which Disney Prince Is Your True Love” quiz and the “What Disney Movie Hero/Heroine Are You Actually” (I am obsessed with these quizzes) and I got Prince Eric and Ariel respectively.


Hope today is a great day for everyone!


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