Friday Favorites – 7.18

We’ve made it! Another glorious weekend is almost upon us. This weekend will be a busy one as SL and I have a wedding tonight and my mom, sister and I have a bridal shower on Saturday. The weather this weekend is also looking amazing so hopefully I’ll get some outside time on Sunday.

Before all the fun starts let’s see what I have been loving this week.

Family Time

Family pic

(as seen on my Instagram)

Last weekend was rare in that my parent, my sister and her boyfriend and SL and I (and my puppy-brother Curtis) got to spend the whole weekend in Maine. We had a blast hiking, hanging out on the beach, swimming, water skiing and so much more. It was the perfect weekend.

Little Mermaid Tickets

Tuesday, my mom, sister and I also spent the night together at The Little Mermaid. It was such a great show and it was so nice to see family twice in one week! We all live so close but our schedules are all so crazy that family time is a rarity lately.

Sarah Fit’s Sh*t Girls Say While Running video

This had me laughing out loud on the train. My brain thinks the craziest things when I’m running and this video captures these thoughts to a tee.  Bravo Sarah.

Panera Thai Chick Flatbread

Panera Thai Chicken Flatbread

I’ve new had this little sandwich three times and it has been part of the perfect lunch each time. This flatbread has all-natural, antibiotic-free chicken, cilantro jalapeno hummus (YUM!) and cabbage with peanut sauce and Thai vinaigrette. It is small and only 280 calories so not quite enough to eat alone so I ordered a bowl of the Lemon Chicken Orzo soup. Both so good!

I’m coming at you from my VERY short lunch break so now it’s back to work until wedding time! Have a great weekend!


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