Busy Weekend, Busy Week

This weekend flew by because I was busy busy. Friday night started with a wedding. SL and I had had a blast, we danced all night and even hit up the photo booth. Before we knew it, it was time to head home. It was such a fun night celebrating with a fun couple. I was so busy having a blast I didn’t take any pictures…such a fail.

Saturday morning my mom and I headed out to my sister’s best friend’s bridal shower. My sister is one of the maids of honor (she is having two) and she and the other MOH and the bridesmaids put on a beautiful shower. The bride got loads or gifts and I can’t wait to celebrate with her and her husband to be at their wedding in September.

centerpieces IMG_1458

Saturday night was date night for SL and I and we opted for pho! I was so excited when he brought the idea up. I don’t even care that it’s summer and I inhaled a hot and spicy bowl of pho for dinner. It’s just so good!


Sunday was busy but not really fun busy. My parents are moving and I needed to head over to their house to go through all of my old stuff. They are kind enough to store some stuff for me but I had to toss a lot. I think it was about time to get rid of all of my college notebooks. I haven’t looked at them since college so no need to save them.

So now its time to tackle another week. Time to meal plan, time to plan workouts and time to get sh*t together until next weekend.

Weekly Dinners - 7.21.jpg

Yeah, chicken was on sale so there will be a bunch of chicken for dinner this week. I try to switch it up enough so SL doesn’t notice that we are having chicken upon chicken all week.

Now for workouts. I gotta get my run game back on this week. But I also am loving more circuit types workouts so this week will be a little of both.

Monday – Run + this Tabata Workout (complete and it was so sweaty!)

Tuesday – Cardio + Swim

Wednesday – Spin + some type of strength workout

Thursday – TRX + Run

Friday – Swim

Weekend – Toss up!

And with that…let the week begin!


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