Thursday Thoughts

So this week has been a little bit of a fail on the scheduling front. Yes, I planned everything on Monday but most of it kind of feel though…so for good reasons and some for bad reasons. Now it’s Thursday and we are breathing down the neck of the weekend! Since I sucked at planning a blog post for today (I didn’t), here are some half-hearted thoughts from yours truly.

1) The GAC is less than a month away. And I have done very little in terms of specific training for the race…#fail. I do this every summer. But I guess I am ok with it because I really love this race and look forward to compete every year. I haven’t done any kayaking yet but I have climbed the mountain once and I hope to again. emhurstytri

2) I had ice cream for dinner last night. I am not proud of it but it happened. SL was out with friends and I ended up working late and didn’t get home until past 7:00pm. I had an ice cream date with a friend at 8:00pm and I just figured there was no need to cook the Olive Lemon Chicken I had planned for just me then have no appetite for ice cream. One of my goals this summer was to eat more ice cream so I guess I was just fulfilling a goal by substituting real food for my salted caramel toffee ice cream with jimmies.

3) I’m going to Paint Nite tonight! My partners in crime for the evening will be my mom and sister. I am expecting my sister’s to turn out the best, then my mom’s and lastly, mine. I’ve done Paint Nite once before and realized I had absolutely no latent painting talents. But it will still be really fun and I am looking forward to spending another night with my mom and sister (last week was Little Mermaid)! This is what we are painting…looks hard.

paint nite

(From the Paint Nite site)

4) This is going up later than usual because I didn’t have my act together this morning.

Thankfully tomorrow is Friday, I’ll recharge over the weekend and do better next week!


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