Another Summer Week

After a very successful weekend it’s time to take on another week! Friday night SL and I walked down to a new restaurant near our house, had a quiet dinner and laid low for the rest of the night because we knew Saturday would be a busy one.

Saturday brought perfect weather so we took advantage and made it a boat and beach day. SL, myself, and three others packed up SL’s boat and spent the day on the water and on the beach.

boat day

It was perfect. We even grilled corn on the beach. It wasn’t a complete success (some burnt kernels, some cold kernels) but it tasted amazing so it wasn’t a failure either.

beach corn


It was a perfect summer day. Much needed because Sunday was rainy and gross. We used the day to sleep in, make a leisurely breakfast, visit a few open houses and prep for the week. I got a TON of prep work down so I felt good about being prepared for the week.

My menu for this week looks a lot like last week’s because last week didn’t go as scheduled (but in a good way.)

Monday – Chipotle Chicken + Sweet Potatoes

Tuesday – Shrimp Tacos

Wednesday – Lemon and Olive Chicken + Quinoa

Thursday – Leftovers (because we will be away for the weekend)

Friday – Out

Weekend – Maine! Which means hiking, kayaking, swimming and more outdoor fun!


I found my old Insanity DVDs while cleaning out my parents house last weekend and I did the Plyometric Cardio Circuit on Friday and I loved it (again). It was so hard but I really enjoyed it so I am going to add the DVDs into my routine this week. I am not sure if I’ll stick the Insanity calendar perfectly but I’m looking forward to getting back on the Insanity wagon.

I also plan to run and/or hop on the elliptical a few times.

I have some fun posts planned for this week that I can’t wait to share…stay tuned! Have a great Monday!


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