Unplugged Weekend

After a glorious weekend of completely unplugging its time to get back in the the game. The work game, the blog game and the schedule game. I am gearing up for another busy week and another busy weekend. This summer is flying by way too fast.

This weekend was filled with family and food, just the way I like it. Friday, my sister and her boyfriend had a “We’re moving” party 😦 They are heading to New York for two years for my sister to attend PA school. They will be missed but I am so excited for her in this new phase of her life.

Saturday we headed up to Maine and spent the evening celebrating all things family. We chowed down on lobsters, steamers, corn, steak, chicken, sausages, pulled pork and so much more! We recognized numerous family birthdays, anniversaries, new jobs and an engagement (MINE!) It was the perfect family night.

Sunday was spent searching high and low for a kayak rack, lounging on the beach, driving home then trying to figure out what was for dinner. Dinner turned out to be a bunch of vegetables, fruit and leftover chicken. HArdly a meal but SL and I were both stuffed after.

vegetable dinner

(cantaloupe, salad with cherry tomatoes from the garden, baked paprika chicken thigh, sliced cucumber from the garden, fried zucchini from the garden)

I did not get one good workout in this weekend so now that its a new week, time to buckle down and schedule my sweat sessions.

Monday – 30 minute run + strength sesh

Tuesday – 20 minute swim + 20 minute cardio

Wednesday – 30 minute bike + 10 minute run (BRICK!!…can you guess what I might be up to again?)

Thursday – 5k race! And a morning workout of some sort

Friday – 20 minute swim+ 20 cardio

Saturday – Hotel room workout of some sort

Sunday – OFF!

Dinner this week will be a little less scheduled. SL and I have things going on most nights and we are heading out early on Friday morning for a wedding weekend in New Hampshire so I don’t want to have much in terms of left overs in the fridge when we leave. I am thinking pork chops one night, pasta and sauce one night and something else the other two nights.

Cheers to another summer week!

Does anyone have any super fast and easy dinner ideas for me? I’m struggling a little this week.


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