An Amazing Wedding Weekend

This weekend was one of those that I feel like I need a weekend to recover from my weekend! There were so many laughs and so much love but so little sleep. Last night was an early one for sure.

Here is a random photo-dump post to explain to recap the weekend.


friday morning coffee

Spartan Race



Beautiful Lake Winni


One of the table names at the wedding was Mount Major, where SL and I got engaged. We snagged it and will find somewhere special in the house to display it.


Myself, the groom, John, the bride, Marette and SL.


All the groomsmen (and the groom, of course)

Castle in the Clouds

The ceremony was outside atop a mountain. To say it was stunning would be an understatement.

Bus ride

Funny faces!

SL is away for a few days and I know I’ll be busy with work so I haven’t meal planned yet but I plan on doing it tonight.

Workout-wise, I have the Great Adventure Challenge to look forward to this weekend but I am going to stick to my normal schedule:

MondayBarry’s Bootcamp! I can’t wait to knock this one off my Bucket List.

Tuesday: 20 minute swim (speed) + 20 minute cardio

Wednesday: 40 minute bike

Thursday: 30 minute run + strength sesh

Friday: 30 minute swim

Saturday: Great Adventure Challenge!!

Sunday: REST! I am going to need it!

 Looking forward to another summer week. Hopefully I will take full advantage as we don’t have too many of them left. Tomorrow I will recap the 5k I ran last week.


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