Friday Favorites – 8.15

After a super busy week that legit FLEW by its Friday again! I am so ready for this weekend to start because tomorrow is the Great Adventure Challenge aka my favorite race of the year! I have to goals for this race and am just looking forward to spending time outside paddling, pedaling and hiking.

Now, onto another Friday Favorites!

The new Strong & Kind Bars

Strong & Kind Bars

These are awesome! I love sweets here and there but I definitely have more of a savory tooth when it comes to snacks. Actually I really have more of a crunchy tooth! Either way, these new bars satisfied my every need. So far I have only tried the Hickory Smoked and Honey Smoked BBQ flavors and both were awesome. I am dying to try the Roasted Jalapeño too!

Barry’s Bootcamp

barrys bootcamp

My new fitness obsession. I have been twice this week and have fallen completely in love. I have been wanting to try these place for a while now, and wrote about it being on my workout class bucket list a few months ago but it took a couple of co-workers urging me to try it to finally go. I am so happy I did. Its awesome!

Starbuck’s Iced Green Tea

iced green tea

A former co-worker who became a very good friend introduced me to this years ago and I always forget about it until summer comes. Then, full on iced green tea obsession hits and I am drinking them a couple times a week.

That is all for this week. Post work I will be driving up to Maine with my kayak and mountain bike strapped to my car, enjoying a home cooked meal from mom and hitting the sheets early so I am all rested up for the big race!

Happy almost weekend friends!

What’s your favorite race or event of the year?

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