What I Ate Wednesday

I love reading these posts by other bloggers so I desided to give it a try this week. Maybe, just maybe, if I remember to take pictures on everything this could become a weekly thing. Who knows, it might be good to keep me on track.

Breakfast was unsurprisingly, a waffle and almond butter. I have this almost every weekday morning because it’s easy and fast and I can eat it in my car on the way to the train station.

Once I was at work I was a little hungry again so I grabbed my snack. SL hasn’t been feeling apples lately so I had to eat this one up before it started to turn. I also chugged a a watermelon hint water…yes, I was thirsty but this stuff is so good that I couldn’t help but guzzle it down.

apple and hint

Gala or Fuji Apple & Watermelon Hint Water

Before I knew it lunch rolled around (best part of the work day)! Every Monday and Tuesday we get lunch brought into the office. I still pack my lunch just in case I don’t like whatever is brought in and if I do like it, my packed lunch can wait until the next day.

Yesterday…I ate both!

WIAW lunch

1/4 Turkey & Bacon sandwich on multigrain bread with tomato (had to remove on side of the bread due to mayo contamination), salad with romaine lettuce, cucumbers form the garden, mushrooms, avocado and balsamic dressing

I grabbed a bag of chips at lunch but saved them for my afternoon snack. Usually I ate something on the train ride home but yesterday’s snack came just about an hour after lunch…I couldn’t wait. Luckily, the chips held me over until I got home.



Tuesday night = Taco night!! Well at least this week Tuesday meant tacos. SL complained a little last week that we were having the same thing over and over again (we were) so I decided to go with tacos this week to changes things up.


Corn taco shells, ground turkey, romaine lettuce, chopped tomatoes from out garden, black olives and the taco sauce the kit came with

I was craving some chocolate and/or wine after dinner but I held back because my day was pretty calorie dense and I held off on working out due to some Monday night sickness I had. After tacos, SL and I hung out on the couch and just watched TV until bed. Nothing crazy but I needed a low key night after being go go go all weekend!


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