Jumping on the Shakeology Bandwagon

A huge shout out to my cousin-in-law (is that a real term?) for getting me on the bandwagon! I kept referring to her as my sister-in-law to SL when I was telling him how she sent me a Shakeology sample that I was dying to try. After calling her my SIL more than a couple times I realized I would never actually have a SIL. SL is an only child and my sister is totally into dudes so the best I can hope for is a BIL.

But seriously, Lori, and all of my CILs are are amazing and are all like SILs and BILs to me!

I digress…on to Shakeology.

Shakeology package

I opted to try the chocolate flavor because it gives me an excuse to have chocolate for breakfast (I choose right). My sample, one serving packet came with a 30-day recipe guide as well as a great info book on Shakeology. All of these recipes look amazing but I opted for my own version.

My Morning Shake

I blended it all up and its was AMAZING!! (I should have added a handful of spinach…oops)


I’ve tried a few other protein powders in smoothies and shakes but this one topped them all. It wasn’t chalky or flavorless at all. I actually enjoyed drinking every last drop of my shake. Good thing SL had this beer stein to fit the whole shake in! Totally normal to drink protein shakes out of a beer stein, right?!

The only down side to this, and many other protein powers, is the price. A 30-serving bag is $130 which breaks down to just over $4 a serving. This is a little high in terms of my personal breakfasts but it might be worth it 🙂

Is anyone else on the Shakeology bandwagon?


7 thoughts on “Jumping on the Shakeology Bandwagon

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