Friday Favorites – 9.26

I am coming at you late today so let’s just get right down to it!

Friday Favorites

  • Yogi Tea

Carmel Apple Spice Tea

In an effort to appease my stomach, I have been trying to cut back on coffee and have been drinking more tea. I fell in love with Yogi Carmel Apple Spice tea last winter and have more recently discovered Blueberry Green tea. This stuff is so good and my body have been loving it as well. Yogi have tons of different flavors each made for different. Dying to try the Berry Detox!

  • My Asics app

My Asics app

I found out about this app while reading Tina’s post and immediately downloaded it. A customized training program for me and only me for FREE! You even get a nice email reminding you about that day’s run and letting you know how you have progressed through each phase. More news on what I am training for to come…

bring it

In my next life, I want to come back as Kayla. This is one of my Wednesday night guilty pleasures when SL is at soccer. I seriously can’t get enough of these girls. They are all so incredibly talented and I am incredible jealous. This season is over but there is a new season coming and I will be the Bring It! number one fan.


Apple Pie Quest Bar

I am the most basic of basic bitches but this fall I have steered away form pumpkin everything in favor of apple everything! There hasn’t been a day that has gone by that I haven’t consumed something apple. This morning was the Apple Pie Quest bar followed by a Jonamac apple snack. This week I’ve made quinoa with apples and tuna with apples (don’t judge…it was delicious!). SL and I also have an apple candle on our coffee table that gets lit nightly. #givemealltheAPPLES

SL and I have an extremely active weekend planned and the weather is looking perfect for being outside!

Check out my other faves on my Friday Favorites page!

What are you loving this week?


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