Friday Favorites – 10.10

I am pretty sure I blacked out this whole week. I have been super MIA from EFP because work has been insane and I had a bunch of family obligations (good ones!) nights this week. I had a few great post scheduled for this week but I just couldn’t get to writing them. Promise, they will be up next week.

Now that its Friday I feel like I can finally breath and I am breathing right down the neck of the weekend because I can’t wait for it. Saturday will be busy, but fun and I plan to relax as much as possible on Sunday. And now on to my Friday Favorites!

Friday Favorites

  • Oranges

navel orange

I rarely buy oranges and I have no idea why because they are delicious! Now that fall has fully embraced us with its beautiful colors and chilly weather, oranges are coming into season! Thanks to this Seasonality Chart by Sunkist I learned that navel oranges (the type I usually buy) are in season from November through June! Thats a super long season. Another fun citrus fact, limes and most lemons are always in season!

  • Almay Mascaras

Almay Mascara

Iv’e been wearing Almay mascara since high school. I rocked the Almay One Coat Thickening waterproof mascara for about 10 years straight. Recently, I have also purchased the Get Up & Grow and the One Coat Triple Effect and I love both of those as well. Like I said last week, I am a make neophyte but I almost always wear mascara so having an Almay arsenal in my purse at all times is a must!

  • Edible Cookie Dough

The cookies dough café

Thanks to a truly evil co-worker, I tried The Cookie Dough Café’s edible cookie dough and near died and went to fat kid heaven. This is by no means healthy and is definitely not something I would eat every day but it was SO good! The company is local-to-me and they were also on Shark Tank…so cool! I tried the chocolate chip flavor but the company also makes other flavors including Monster (with peanut butter, M&Ms and chocolate chips), Cookies & Cream (with real Oreos) and Naked Dough (sans chocolate).

Check out all of my other Friday Favorites!

What are you loving this weekend?


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