30 Reasons I’m Excited to be 30

Today is the day! I’m 30! For some reason, I have been particularly exited about this birthday. Not sure why and most of my friends are kind of freaking out about it but I am really excited about this milestone. So for your reading pleasure, here are 30 Reasons I’m Excited to be 30.

30 reasons i'm excited to be 30

  1. I’ve been telling people that was 30 for about a year and a half. Now I’m not lying when I do it.
  2. I’m getting married!
  3. I’ve moved into the younger end of my race age brackets. Bring on the trophies and medals (ha!).
  4. I don’t have to feel guilty for staying in on weekends…
  5. …and for going to bed early.
  6. I’ve really just outgrown my 20s. They were a blast but I’m over it.
  7. I’m done with school!
  8. I actually found a job I like…
  9. …that’s in my field…
  10. …in an industry I LOVE…
  11. …and I have co-workers that I love…
  12. …and I feel like I now have a career and not just a job.
  13. I am not always broke. Ugh, I was so broke for so long and now I actually have a few pennies to rub together. And wedding poor doesn’t count because I am absolutely wedding poor.
  14. “Enjoy yourself. That’s what your 20s are for. Your 30s are to learn the lessons; your 40s are to pay for the drinks.” – SATC. Time to learn the lessons! I wonder what they are? I’m looking forward to finding out.
  15. TheChrisMosier said it best, “It was almost a relief to be 30 – sort of like validation that I actually was old enough to be take seriously, and still young enough to be awesome.” Yup, still young and awesome here!
  16. I don’t think I look 30.
  17. I actually know I don’t because I still get carded A LOT! I guess I should take it as a compliment now.
  18. Some pretty fantastic things are going to happen (hopefully) in my 30s aside from getting married; going to Asia (honeymoon-style), buying a house, having kiddos.
  19. After running the MerryThon, I will have fun a half marathon in my 30s. I’ll have 10 years to rest before running one in my 40s.
  20. I am kind of numbers nerd and 30 is divisible by 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 10, 15 and 30! 29 is only divisible by 1 and 29. Thirty is at least 6 times cooler than 29.
  21. SL is already 30 and I hate lagging behind.
  22. Everyone I talk to says they have loved their 30s.
  23. I am in a much better place in terms of eating and being healthy.
  24. My freak out birthday came when I turned twenty. 30 will just be fun, even thought its a Monday.
  25. Coffee dates are just as appropriate as drink dates. That means I can still get to bed early (see #5).
  26. I am infinitely wiser that I was even at 28. Wiser = better life decisions. I have definitely made some good ones lately and I am sure there will be more to come in my 30s.
  27. Birthdays are exciting no matter what. Especially birthdays that end in a 0.
  28. When I refer to myself as an OLD lady, I will actually be right. At 30, you’re older than 42% of Americans (according to the internet, which is always right).
  29. “Everything I know I learned after I was thirty.” – Georges Clemenceau. Similar to the SATC quote. Looks like I have a lot more to learn.
  30. I’m just excited!! I feel like I am exactly where I should be in my personal and professional life. I know I have a lot more to learn but I also have a lot I can teach.

At 10:16am I officially ended one era of my life. The 20s were a wild and crazy time but I am not sad to see them go. I am happy to dive head first into my 30s and I am so excited to see how they treat me.



13 thoughts on “30 Reasons I’m Excited to be 30

  1. You are so fabulous – no matter what age! I love you to pieces, first-girl-cousin-of-mine! (For which I owe you a tremendous amount of gratitude!) Enjoy your 30s! They totally rock! 🙂 ♡

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  4. I love this list! Number 1 is me all the way… I’ve been saying I’m 30 for months now, but it won’t be true until next May. For all of the reasons you listed, I can’t wait!

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