Every damn day

I’m so excited! SL and I are finally getting our engagement pictures taken today. Only about 5 months after he popped the question but that’s ok, right? I took most of the day off from work (although I am still doing work from home) so I can get my hair and makeup done and of course, decide which outfit to wear.

I made an appointment at the new LuxeBar near my house to get my hair and makeup done. I had no idea they even did makeup…lucked out there because I suck at makeup. Here is what I am thinking for my hair:

engagement picture hair
(source – my Pinterest)

I am just going to ask for simple eye makeup because I don’t want to look ridiculous or not like myself because SL and I are going fairly casual with these pictures. We just want them to look like us.

And now backing up to this morning…


Today started with a cup of hot water and lemon. I have added this into my routine lately because I have heard nothing but good things. Then I made myself some coffee with almond milk and a nice little egg white omelette. It’s not pretty, but it was delicious.

(1/2 cup liquid egg whites, mushrooms, scallions and Simply Balanced Spinach & Garlic Chicken Sausage, all covered with Frank’s Hot sauce)

Now back to the hot water with lemon. I saw this article on PopSugar on simple ways to detox. Basically its 7 things you can easily do every damn day. Number one on the list is starting the day with hot lemon water or green tea. I actually enjoy drinking the hot lemon water and saving my green tea intake for when I get to the office.

I found the other six things on the list to be helpful in detoxing as well.

I need to do this. My body feels like its in shambles lately. Especially with longer runs coming up on my schedule in preparation for the MerryThon, I need to make yoga more of a priority.

Four full day meal plans for getting back on track after an indulgent weekend (week, month…year). I felt like I celebrated my birthday for a full week. It was fun and I do not regret it but it’s time to get back on track before the onslaught of the holidays. This article lays everything out for you making it super easy to follow.

  • Green juice!

I have fallen away from making green juice now that the weather is getting colder. I want to get back to this because I love green juice and I know my insides do too. Side note: I need to get a mini-blender. It would be awesome for green juice making. Here is one of my go-to green juice recipes.

  • Work out

No brainer. Doing something, even something small, everyday will just make you feel better. Now that I walk to work, I don’t feel as guilty when I can’t fit in a full blown workout.

  • Kale

Kale is a great detoxifier and is so easy to incorporate into everyday meals. Green juice for one, salads, kale chips…its perfect in everything. Check back next week for a great kale bowl recipe.

  • Water, water, water

I grew up drinking water and loving water so this one is easy for me. My mom always says drinking water is like a shower for your insides. I couldn’t agree more. Without enough water, I get terrible headaches post-exercise so I make it a priority to get enough in throughout the day then more during my sweat seshes.

These things are all easy to do every day and now that my schedule has calmed down and life is back to normal, I can easily try to get these things in every damn day.


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