The November Project

Good morning friends! This morning started especially early but for good reason. I left the house, in the dark, at 5:30, picked up a co-worker and headed to the Harvard Stadium for my first November Project!

November Project

Have you heard of the November Project? It’s a FREE, outdoor, grass-roots group workout that started in Boston and has expanded throughout the country.

November Project

The weather was perfect for a crazy sweat session which helped because these steps were NO JOKE! When my group arrived (my co-worker and I met up with 10 other co-workers) we were briefed on what to do and then we were off to complete 16 sets of stadium steps!

The DJ this morning was awesome and definitely kept me upbeat during ALL.THE.STAIRS. There was also a guy keeping an extremely steady drum beat. I am not sure if he was a November Project guy or just a guy but I kind of loved having him there.

november project

After 23 minutes, I had completed the tasks of climbing 16 sets of steps which each had 31 steps. So after some quick mental calculator math, I did 496 steps up which also means I did 496 steps down. My legs felt like jello after and I am sure I will be sore tomorrow but it was worth it!

november project

First November Project workout = complete!

Pile on the Miles

November 4 – 2.84 miles walking

November (Project) 5 – 0.5 miles of stairs so far…


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