Wedding Wednesday: 6 Traditions I’m Skipping

Growing up I was never the girl that endlessly dreamed of my wedding day. I was more worried about the next cheerleading competition or eating ALL.THE.PIZZA at All You Can Eat Night at Papa Ginos (seriously though, I ate ALLLLL I could and it was awesome!). Now that I’m engaged, I’m singing a new tune. I think about wedding planning all the time!

I never thought I’d be a super traditional bride but the more I think about the big day, the more I see myself on the traditional side. But not all tradition is for me, there are a few things that SL and I will pass on.

  • A Raunchy Bachelorette

I’ll pass on inflatable penises and penis straws and penis necklaces…I’m 30 for God’s sake! Being a bachelorette party pro, I’ve had my fair share of crazy, penis-filled, drunken nights on party busses but its just not my style. I would be more than happy with dinner out (or in!) with my best bitches.

  • Not Seeing Each Other Before the Wedding

I love wedding cocktail hours so I surely don’t want to miss my own! SL and I have decided to take pictures before the ceremony in order to be present for our cocktail hour and have time to spend with our guests before the real partying starts.

  • The Bridal March

It’s just not me. This song screams church wedding to me and since SL and I aren’t getting married in a church, I don’t feel bad about skipping over this traditional song in favor of one that’s more suited to our personalities.

  • Receiving Line

Is this still a tradition? I think I’ve only seen one in a couple weddings. Our wedding will be almost 200 people and having a receiving line would legit take FOREVER. I’d rather chat with everyone during cocktail hour, cocktails in hand!

  • The Bouquet and Garter Toss

My bouquet will without a doubt be gorgeous and I want to keep it…in tact. And I don’t want SL going up my dress in front of my family. I will never live it down.

  • Anniversary Cake

Something just weirds me out about freezing cake and eating it a year later. Ehh, I’ll pass. Maybe SL and I will go out for dessert or ice cream on our one year anniversary. I’m sure we’d both enjoy that much more than freezer-burnt cake.

There are of course a few traditions I am not passing over…the white dress, a veil and of course, the honeymoon!!

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