New House Project #1

T-minus 33 days until we close on our new house! During the hunting process we were open to fixer uppers, older homes, newer homes, pretty much everything but when we found the one, I was relieved that it was move-in ready. That’s not to say that we won’t be giving up all of our weekends for months to work on the house, but for the most part, its perfect.

we bought a house

Our first big house project once we move in, painting. Lots and lots of painting. Right now, the house is very colorful. SL and I are going to dial back the wall color a few hundred notches in favor of a neutral color palette.

Paint Colors

Our new house is a rainbow:

  • Family room – Pink
  • Kitchen / Dining room – Orange
  • Living room – Maroon
  • Master Bedroom – Yellow (we might keep this…might)
  • Both Bathroom – Shades of green
  • Skylight boxes – Blue
  • Bedrooms – More green
  • Spare room / Walk in Closet – Purple

Every color of the rainbow is represented in the house. Every last one. SL and I aren’t exactly rainbow house people nor do I want the house to be all linen white. I am leaning towards a grey/tan rainbow. I love all of the colors above and just need to decide which to use and what rooms to tackle first.

My vote – the family room, kitchen and dining room. These are the rooms SL and I will be in the most, where were will spend time with family and friends when they come visit. After these room are complete it will be on to the bathrooms and master bathroom.

Once the downstairs in complete, the bedrooms and spare room upstairs will get their fresh coats. SO.MUCH.PAINTING.

More projects to come once the background is complete.

P.S. I cannot believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving!! I can’t believe its almost December. I can’t believe that 2015 is almost among us! Thanksgiving is my favorite and I can’t wait to eat all the food!


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