Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s one on my favorite days of the year! Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

give thanks

Today started with R.I.P.P.E.D. super early in the morning so I could indulge all day without the guilt. And indulge I will. I love everything about Thanksgiving foods; turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, STUFFING, green beans, butternut squash…give me all of it!

My favorite thing about this holiday however is an old family tradition that I didn’t know was abnormal until just a few years ago.

Growing up, my parents, sister and I had Thanksgiving dinner at either Nan and Gramp’s (my dad’s parent) or Reen and Pop’s (my mom’s parents). We never had dinner at our house because there was always somewhere to go. My mother still cooked a turkey at our house though so we could have leftovers and and pies and soup.

My mom would stay up late and get up during the night to baste the turkey while the rest of us slept so we would wake up on Thanksgiving morning to the delicious smell of roasted turkey and stuffing. It was our breakfast turkey and I knew no other way.

Fast forward to adult life, after college I moved back home and continued to enjoy breakfast turkey each Thanksgiving morning. A few years later, I moved in with SL and there was no breakfast turkey…and come to find out the tradition I treasured most this holiday was not normal.

What?! Not all mom’s slaved away on Thanksgiving eve to make sure the breakfast turkey was ready? I guess I just got lucky! This is one tradition I plan to continue when SL and I move into our new house. I love the smell of turkey in the morning! Especially Thanksgiving morning.


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