Friday Favorites – 11.28

I can’t believe this is the last Friday of the month and that there are only four more Fridays this year! 2014 has absolutely flown by and as amazing as it was, I am really looking forward to 2015!

Before I did ahead of myself, I am really looking forward to having a long weekend. Heres hoping you all have this particular Friday off from work as well. SO lets get to it with this weeks Friday Favorites.

Friday Favorites

  • Thanksgiving

I am still stuffed from yesterday and I’m ok with that. It’s my favorite holiday and holding back wasn’t an option. I was lucky enough to see both of my grandmothers and my grandfather, a bunch of aunts and uncles, a handful of cousins and spend my first Thanksgiving with SL. We still haven’t quite figured out the holiday thing between our families so we tend to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas apart…which sucks. We’ll figure it out someday!

  • These Booties


I bought these online after searching all season for the perfect bootie. They are exactly what I have been searching for, short, brown (I bought the Caramel color) and comfortable. I’ve worn them almost everyday since they arrived in the mail. Right now they are on sale for $50 plus an additional 10% off on when using the code THANKS. Should I get them in black too…hmmm…

  • Kettle Corn Flavored Coffee

kettle corn coffee

Before you judge and say how gross popcorn coffee is, hear me out. I’ll try almost any flavored coffee once so when I saw this on clearance at Target, I went for it and I’m glad I did. Its delicious, sweet and buttery but still tastes like coffee. With a little added Truvia and vanilla almond milk…perfection.

  • Black Friday / Cyber Monday

Speaking of shopping and sales 🙂 You’ll never catch me braving the lines at 4:00 am on Black Friday but I’ve been known to do some damage to my bank account while taking advantage of the sales online. Online shopping is the best because you get excited when you buy and excited when it arrives at your doors. Online shopping = double the excitement! I have my eyes on a few things (mostly clothing) but I am going to hold out until Cyber Monday its hopes that the deals are even better!

That is that for this Friday and now I am off to enjoy my long weekend with friends and family.

What are you loving this week?


2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – 11.28

  1. You know, if they made a kettle corn flavored tea I’d be all over it because that does sound tasty. I’m not a coffee drinker, but kettle corn is one of my favorite flavors!

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