My 2015 Fitness Goals

It is officially the new year and as amazing as 2014 was, I have a feeling 2015 will be even better. I do not love the thought of resolutions but I am a huge fan of goals. Coming off a year where I accomplished many of my goals I am ready to commit to a few fitness goals in particular for 2015.

2015 fitness goals


  • Run another half marathon and beat my first half marathon time.

twin lobster half marathon

I completed my first half marathon in June 2014 with a time of 2:16:08. I felt strong through the first 9 miles but then kind of crashed after that. I would love for that not to happen in 2015 so my training will have to reflect that.

  • Be consistent.

I have really fallen off the wagon with scheduling my life. I’m best at getting shit done when I am scheduled whether this be at work, while working our or even while meal planning. I need organization or I end up just being a lump on the couch. Maybe I’ll create some sort of training plan for life.

  • Weights, weights, weights.

Thanks to my Black Friday purchase, I have access to weights and workouts I love right at home. I love Body Pump classes but right now I do not belong to a gym and do not want to spend the extra money to join a class (if there are even ones near me). I totally get caught up in being a cardio queen and neglecting weights so it is something I will work on.

  • Morning workouts

I was so good at getting up before work and working out while training for the Twin Lobster Half Marathon and since then, not so much. I have been sleeping in like its my job (Is that a job? Can I have it?) Waking up in the dark really sucks but this time of year (here in the northeast) its dark when I have to get up anyway so I just need to set that alarm for 5:15 am  and get my butt out of bed!

There are probably 100 more things I want to work on this year but these are the biggies.

I hope you have a great real start to 2015 and let me know what your 2015 fitness goals are in the comments!


2 thoughts on “My 2015 Fitness Goals

  1. Such great goals!! Happy New Year!! It sounds like you’re ready to go in 2015!! Can’t wait to follow your journey!! I know you’ll accomplish every goal you set your mind to because you’re awesome and dedicated! Have a wonderful week!! XOXO

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