Fitness Trends I Have My Eye On

Now that the year is in full swing everyone has fitness on their mind, including me. This industry has transformed itself year over year and there are a few fitness trends I have my eye on for 2015.

  • Wearables

Currently I have a Nike Fuel Band but unfortunately Nike no longer supports it. I’d love to get a new wearable but I’m probably going to hold off and see what 2015 brings. When I got my Fuel Band there weren’t too many options out there. Now there are TONS. I feel like everyone has made their own fitness tracker each having features that I would want.

  • Fashionable Fitness

If the girls at my college gym could see what we used to rock back in the mid 2000s they would be horrified. I seriously wore wife beaters and Soffe shorts exclusively to workout for years. This was because there weren’t many companies out there making fitness clothing for females. Everything was boxy and boy cut and just not cute. Now there are cute workout clothes for every price point. I love me some lulu and athleta but most of the time the budget just doesn’t allow for it. Thankfully, those aren’t the only brands in the fashionable fitness forum any longer.

  • Exciting Studio Classes

I don’t mind logging miles on the treadmill or lifting heavy things in my basement but my favorite way to work out is in studio classes. If you have read this blog for any length of time, you know I love R.I.P.P.E.D. (haven’t been in a while and I miss it), Barry’s Bootcamp and alike. Lately I’ve ready about a bunch of new-to-me studio classes that I am dying to try. Here’s hoping 2015 brings me more and more classes!


2 thoughts on “Fitness Trends I Have My Eye On

  1. Fun things to think about!

    I’ll be honest, my running outfits never look put together. I usually just wear race shirts and Nike tempo shorts (they’re the boxy ones). I think this year I’m going to start being more mindful of the running clothing I buy and try to start to put together a more cohesive workout wardrobe.

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