My Weekend Summed Up in Words and Pictures

This weekend was a milestone in my and SL’s lives but it can be summed up in two words – Moving and WorkingOut. Working out is one word here because thats what works for me.

Here are a few pictures and a few sentences to describe my monumental yet lackluster weekend.

1) WE MOVED!!! {Technically we have been living at the new house for a week but the movers came this weekend to move the big stuff}

moving truck

I’m glad they brought the big truck. We had a lot of crap for two DINKs (double income, no kids).

empty room

Empty house.




The new house came equipped with a treadmill which is a game changer. I ran on Sunday then again this morning! I am definitely working hard to get back on a schedule. I even bought a planner specifically for workouts and meal planning.

day planner

I also spent HOURS doing my Sunday Prep {meal planning, grocery shopping, meal prepping}. Normally, this only take a few hours out of my day but the new house did not come equipped with food so I had to replace a lot of staples and I had a lot of veggies to chop.

Here is what happened in the kitchen this Sunday:

  • Marinated fish for tonight’s dinner
  • Made mango salsa for tonight’s dinner
  • Chopped ALLTHEVEGGIES for lunch salads and snacks
  • Made celery sticks with almond butter for snacks
  • Made Chocolate Protein Balls {recipe to come!}
  • Marinated chicken for Tuesday’s dinner
  • Marinate (and froze) chicken for a future dinner

Sorry for checking in so late.

How was your weekend? Anyone prep as much as I did yesterday?


2 thoughts on “My Weekend Summed Up in Words and Pictures

  1. Moving is such a huge effort! I’m impressed that you still managed to get your normal Sunday prep and workouts done. We bought our house in August and I feel like we are still getting settled.

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