My DietBet

So I am trying something new right now, and I realized I should probably write about it. So here it is – my DietBet.

my DietBet

For the new year I made a few goals (resolutions…whatever) but I felt like I needed a little kick in the pants to get things started. I was on a eat-everything-workout-never binge from the holidays and knew it needed to stop. If you are anything like me, money (or losing money) will motivate to do anything to stop it from happening.

Enter DietBet. Here is how it works. You can create a game yourself or join someone else’s game. I chose to join Sarah’s game after watching her hilarious YouTube video. Each game costs $35 and to win you have to lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks. I know $35 doesn’t sound like a lot of money but its enough to motivate me not to lose. The winners of the game split the whole pot in the end. If you lose, your money goes to the winners.

I want to win. So enter a super clean and green “diet” and getting my ass back in gear. Want to know what I am eating? Check out this post…I haven’t been straying too far from protein over greens for lunches and dinner. Breakfasts have been Shakeology shakes. I did stray a little at a friends birthday party last Saturday but not too much and hey…YOLO.

During the last week of this bet I am going to follow the Tone It Up 7 Day Slim Down which is in the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan. This Slim Down is pretty aggressive but basically is all about lean protein and veggies and eating the right things at the right time of day. Oh, and working out…of course.

So how am I doing so far?

Starting Weight: 140.0 lbs

Goal Weight (after 4 weeks): 134.4

First Weigh In (after 1 week): 137.2 lbs

Second Weigh In (after 2 weeks): 136.2 lbs

Total Lost: 3.8 lbs

Lbs to go: 1.8 lbs!

According to DietBet I have a 83% chance of winning my money back (+ the loser’s money!) so I am going to keep pushing. The only less the optimal struggling I am dealing with is that the PATRIOTS ARE IN THE SUPERBOWL!!! and I love Superbowl food and the big game is just a few short days before the final weigh in. Ugh…the struggle is real my friends.

Has anyone else done a DietBet? Did you win or forfeit your money??


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