Lots of Food and Football

OMG can we please just talk about the Patriots. I still can’t believe that win. I hate when games are close like that but SB49 could not have ended better. I am so excited….YAAAYYY!! Aside from lots of food and football, my weekend included very little else.

I wont bore you with the details so here is my weekend in photos and a few words.

Pedicure! I needed this so badly and went with OPI La-Pazitively Hot. The perfect pink hue to brighten any cold, snowy winter day.


I am pretty sure this should have counted as a workout. We bought 50 bags, I lugged forty of them down to the basement. They were 40 lbs. each. You do the math.


I made an awesome dinner!

salmon and brussels

{Cashew encrusted salmon + maple balsamic brussels}

My new best friend (in seltzer form).

polar seltzer

Tom times two!

tom brady

Needless to say I didn’t strictly stick to my food plan yesterday with all of the delicious football food to indulge in. But my DietBet was top of middle of mind so I didn’t fully indulge. I ate about one veggie thing per one non veggie thing and kept it to 2 glasses of sauv blanc. Nothing says Superbowl like a bunch of veggies and a couple crisp glasses of sauv blanc! #imweird

We are getting clobbered with snow again (woof) so its time to get outside and do some cardio shoveling.

Did you watch the Superbowl? What was your veggie to non veggie ratio?



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