January Stitch Fix

I haven’t written about a Stitch Fix (<– referral link) in a while which is crazy because I’ve been loving them lately. I kept everything from my November fix and loved my December fix but only kept one thing because the budget was tight.

My January Stitch Fix was a little more of a miss but only because of super small reasons. I still really loved everything they sent to me.

January Stitch Fix

If you haven’t heard of Stitch Fix let me be a cheerleader for the company for a second. For $20 a month, you get a fix which include 5 pieces which could include tops, pants, dresses, bags, scarves, jewelry, etc. and you can keep or return any of the pieces. Your $20 “styling fee” is credited to your purchase and if you keep all five things you get an additional 25% off. (Because of this, I have kept things I didn’t even particularly want because they were essentially free)

Enough with the marketing blitz from your truly and lets get to my fix.

Dita Sleeveless Colorblock Ponte Dress by 41Hawthorn – $54

Dita Sleeveless Colorblock Ponte Dress

Seeing that we just survived Snowpocalyspe #1 and #2 (we got another couple FEET of snow yesterday), I am just not in a dress mood. I loved this dress because it fit like a glove but it was a little too long. I am only 5’4″ so I need a higher hemline to show off my short but sweet gams.


Melita Pull-Over Cable Knit Sweater by Brixon Ivy – $68

Melita Pull-Over Cable Knit Sweater

This sweater was cute and comfortable and I loved the interesting hem line but I didn’t want to pay almost $70 for it and it wasn’t exactly flattering.


Jamie Knit Top by Papermoon – $38

This top had me at hello! I love the glittery gold stripes and roomy but flattering fit. I wore it on date night with SL the day I got it and then wore it again to work a few days later.

Jamie Knit Top


Romy Graphic Knit Top by Good Hyouman – $48

Romy Graphic Knit Top

This was such a comfy shirt but I couldn’t fathom paying almost $50 for something I would never wear out of the house. And the message, not really me. I want to sleep more. I want to dream more too but sleep…more, not less.


Juno Small Folded Clutch by Street Level – $38

Juno Small Folded Clutch

I love, love, love this clutch but I wasn’t a fan of color. It felt very fall and after the snowpocalypse I am certainly feeling wintery and looking forward to summer. I asked my stylist to send it in a neutral or a bright fun color if they had it. Fingers crossed!

RETURN (but hopefully I will get it again!)

Like December, I only ended up keeping on piece but overall I really liked everything.

Here are my past fixes:

I hope you have a terrific Tuesday and aren’t buried in as much snow as I am…sigh.


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