What I Ate Wednesday + DietBet Finale

Today is the last day of my DietBet! It was honestly not as hard as I thought it would be. Do I miss bagels and pizza (and tons of other things)? Yes, I certainly do but I love winning too! To celebrate the end I am writing about food jumping on the blogging bandwagon and posting a What I Ate Wednesday (well really what I ate on Tuesday then wrote about on Wednesday) post!

Breakfast was a fail in my mind. I was running a little behind so I just grabbed a Kind bar from the pantry and ate it on the train. Had I known the train was going to 45 minutes late I would have made eggs!

Breakfast - WIAW #1

Once I got to work, 3 hours later I had a grapefruit snack and a LARGE coffee (good thing my stomach is made of steel).

Snack - WIAW #1

Coworker: “Is that raw chicken?”
Me: “No, its grapefruit”
Coworker: Continues to make disgusted face

I guess grapefruit isn’t everyone’s jam but I love it!

When lunch rolled around I was starving (as always) and threw together the normal greens + lean protein “salad”.

Lunch - WIAW #1

{Arugula, avocado and ground turkey which was cooked with a little veggie broth and tomato paste for taste}

Snack #2 consisted of sliced cucumbers and chipotle hummus. If I don’t eat a snack before leaving work I become a hangry monster on the long train ride home. I also had to have a snack because I knew there was a sweaty workout waiting for me when I got home. I let myself sleep in for the first time in a while because when the good old alarm went off at 5:15am my body just said “No” and I listened.

Snack 2 - WIAW #1

The “No” was a direct result of working out yesterday then shoveling snow for 2 hours.

After my sweaty workout (I did this Cupid’s Cardio run from Tone It Up) it was dinner time. One the menu last night was a half bunch of asparagus and shrimp with arugula and a small portion of ziti noodles. I made the pasta for SL but then it smelled so good that I added some to my plate.

Dinner - WIAW #1

Why all the asparagus you ask? This green spear-like veggie is a natural diuretic – it makes you pee! I have been drinking a shit ton of water to keep myself hydrated but want to drop the water weight before my final DietBet weigh in!

My final weigh in is tonight and I think I have a great chance of winning. I will let you know tomorrow.

What was the best thing you ate yesterday?

  • Me: The shrimp/pasta/asparagus/arugula dinner I threw together.

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