Friday Favorites – 2.6

Hello from the very chilly Boston. I’m downplaying it when I say chilly. Its colder than ever and I am ready to move to Bali. Or at the very least I am ready to plan my honeymoon to Bali 🙂

SL and I have a fun weekend ahead including a luau-themed birthday party tonight and skiing tomorrow. This is will be our first time hitting the slopes this year and I can’t wait! I am not the best skier in the world but I love to be outside and whizzing down the mountain. I also love drinking a cider after a long day on the slopes.

Friday Favorites

And now onto what this post is actually about – Friday Favorites! Here are some of the things I have been loving this week.

  • STACY’S® Fire Roasted Jalapeño Pita Chips



I bought these on a whim at the grocery store last night and dug into the bag the moment I got in my car. I’ve always loves Stacy’s pita chips but this flavor takes the cake. They are perfectly crispy and spicy and would be great with a side of hummus. I will probably finish the bag tonight before heading out for the night!

  • Nikki’s Macadamia Nut Cookie Coconut Butter

Nikki's Coconut Butter


This stuff…I can’t even. It’s perfect. Recent ways I have been eating it – on a rice cake and by the spoon full straight from the jar. I also made a quick breakfast/dessert with it that I will share next week! Nikki’s Coconut Butter is soy-, dairy-, gluten- and egg-free. So far, I have only tried this flavor but I am dying to try the Vanilla Cake Batter and Chocolate Hazelnut Brownie!

  • Amazon Prime

I finally climbed out from under a rock and signed up for Prime. I have already placed a gazillion orders and love that nearly every day I have a package at my house. It is a thousand times easier to just add things to my online cart when I run out of them instead of writing it down in hopes that I remember to pick it up at the grocery store. I’m in love.

  • Winning my DietBet

DietBet Final Weigh In

I wrote about this in detail yesterday but it wasn’t until today that I got official word that I won $10 on top of winning back my $35 entry fee!! Haha…not a lot of money but at least I didn’t lose my entry fee. Throughout the 4 week game, I kept thinking of what my first meal would be when I finished. Pizza? Mexican? Thai? Something else? Turns out, I haven’t had that celebratory meal yet but I am vying for pizza tomorrow after skiing. Have to make it happen.

Well, that is it for this week. Let me know what you have been loving in the comments below!

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