Weekend Recap: I’m Old But I Still Have Fun

Happy Monday everyone! Similar to last Monday, the northeast is being battered by Old Man Winter and getting another foot of the white stuff dumped on us.  I just keep reminding myself that summer in New England can’t be beat and we are earning one hell of a summer this winter.

How about a quick weekend recap in some pictures and some words? Here goes nothing.

I live for fun leggings and wine (and furry slippers).


SL wasn’t feeling great of Friday night so we had to miss the luau/birthday party which stunk so I put on fun leggings and poured myself a glass of wine and posted up in front of the TV. Big night for me, I know.

At least we got to enjoy some of the white stuff.


SL kicked ass at work and his boss gave him lift tickets that we took advantage of on Saturday. It was chilly but not too busy so we were able to get a ton of runs in. If it were a competition I would have won skiing for the day because 1) I didn’t fall and SL did and 2) I went down a black diamond and didn’t cry or fall off the mountain.

Want a laugh? Check out my sweet skills from last year.

Sunday breakfast = Green smoothie. Yum!

green smoothie

#SundayRunday. Actually more like SundayJogday.


I took this run quite slow and enjoyed using my Amazon Prime to watch old episodes of 16 and Pregnant. Please, don’t judge.

I got a veggie slicer attachment for my KitchenAid and went to town.

Sunday meal prep - veggies

I made zucchini fritters with the shredded zucchini but they weren’t awesome. I have some work to do on the recipe before I would even consider sharing it.

That pretty much sums up my weekend. Looking back, I feel like an old lady but now that I am 30, I guess I am an old lady. At least I can still conquer the slopes in my old age.

Emily Signature

What did you do this weekend? Anyone else snowed in today?


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