My Favorite Podcasts

Thanks to the Snowmagedeon/Snowpolocolypse my normal commute has gone from 3 hours a day to between 4 and 5 hours and it SUCKS!! One of the ways I get through it – listening to podcasts. I try to read and listen to music here and there but podcasts are the only thing the take my mind off how miserable sitting on a train for hours on hours can be.

Here are my favorite podcasts as of now. I am always looking for new ones!

My favorite podcasts


  • The Jillian Michaels Show

I’ve always found Jillian Michaels extremely entertaining and she does not disappoint in her podcast. Despite what you may think, this podcast is not just about fitness and working out its legit about everything. Jillian tells it like it is while being informative and inspirational. I love that she will have her wife and kids chime in on certain things here and there are well!

  • Serial

A girl I work with told me about this one one afternoon and by that evening I was already 3 episodes in! If you live under a rock and haven’t listened to Serial yet, do it immediately. This podcast is a spin-off from This American Life and chronicles the true story of a man committed of a murder in 1999 that claims he is innocent. Season 1 of the podcast is only 12 episodes and I blew through them within days. Season 2 is supposed to come out sometime this year and I cannot wait!

  • The Chalene Show

I hate to do this but The Chalene Show is very similar to Jillian’s podcast in that they bot come from the fitness world and are branching out to prove they are so much more than just fitness. Which I personally think THEY ARE. Chalene’s show is different in that she has more of a focus on interviewing subject matter experts on anything under the sun to help her “tribe” learn and grow. I have learned many invaluable lessons from listening to this show and look forward to each an every new episode.

  • POSH Podcast

This is different from the other because it is all music. Each week a POSH DJ mixes up his (or her) magic for 45 (ish) minutes. I love listening to these on the treadmill or while cleaning. I don’t listen to them much on my commute from hell but I wanted to include it here because its awesome.

  • Bon Appétit 

This is a newer podcast for me but its about food and I love food so I subscribed. The Bon Appétit podcast discussed cooking techniques, tips and general food banter from Bon Appétit employees.

I am hoping that one day the snow will be gone and my commute will go back to its normal 3-hours a day and that I somehow find enough podcast episodes to listen to to get me through these winter days.

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Do you listen to podcasts? What are your favorites?


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