Weekend Update and Plan for the Week

Another weekend bites the dust. For me, the weekend was extremely low key. Low key as in I didn’t even leave the house on Saturday and only got out on Sunday to go grocery shopping (<– feeling like an old lady typing that). In order not to bore you to death this Monday morning, I will try to make my weekend look better than it was.

Fun fact before we dive into my super-awesome weekend: This will be the first week I will work all 5 days in the office since mid January thanks to this record breaking snowy month.


SL and I went dinner and a hockey game! Dinner was at Sweet Cheeks which is near Fenway Park. The chef/owner, Tiffani Faison, was a finalist on Top Chef (so cool!) and I could tell why. The food was AMAZING! SL and I got there right after work, around 5:15 and were sat right away. Not 15 minutes later the place was packed and there was a wait. Looks like we got there just in time! Sweet Cheeks serves up Texas style BBQ meaning the meat is dry rubbed, not doused in sauce – just the way I like it.

I was not hungry for dinner at all (due to a late lunch) but as soon as the waiter mentioned the gumbo appetizer special, I caved and ordered it along with a full meal (leftovers = no having to cook on Saturday night). SL followed suit and after we both devoured our cups of gumbo, our gigantic meals came out. SL ordered the brisket and I went with the fried chicken. Now this is not something I would normally order but when in Rome at a BBQ restaurant, I figured why the hell not.

Sweet Cheeks Fried Chicken

Our meals did not disappoint and we had left overs for days. My chicken was excellent and so was Scott’s brisket but what really stole the show for me with the side farm salad. Who raves about a side salad? I do. Because it was truly rave-worthy.

Sweet Cheeks Farm Salad

The Sweet Cheeks farm salad had brussels sprouts, arugula, red grapes, and what I think was farro and maybe pinenuts or hazelnuts? I am not 100% sure but it was amazing and something I am dying to recreate at home.

After dinner, SL and I walked our stuffed selves over to Agganis Arena for the BU vs. Notre Dame hockey game. We love going to live sporting events but tickets for the professional games are so expensive so Friday we opted for a college game. We had a blast despite the game ending in a tie.

BU vs. Notre Dame


Woke up, worked out, did things around the house, heated up leftovers for all meals, enjoyed couch time with SL, went to bed.

couch time


(See Saturday – with the addition of grocery shopping and some food prep)


(Those strawberries didn’t make it through the night…so good!)

Other than Friday, I was a bum this weekend but I did get my sweat on both days so that’s something. This week I hope to accomplish the following things:

  • Choose a hotel for our out-of-town wedding guests to stay in.
  • Clean our kitchen (<– how do two people make so many dishes??)
  • Visit new-to-me fitness studio near my new house (they have a 5 days for $5 deal going on for new clients!)
  • Consider training plans for this year’s JCC Triathlon by the Sea! Here is a recap of last year’s race.

Have a great Monday friends!

Emily Signature

What are 4 things you want to accomplish this week?


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