Weekend Highlights: Bad Weather, Good Times

Its Monday again…super.

Today is an exciting day because its exactly 200 days until SL and I tie the knot! I can’t wait!

200 days

My weekend went a little something like this.

Friday night = Pizza night. Our new hometown is home to one of my favorite pizza places of all time, Riverview Pizza. I had a craving for it and after a quick coin flip (going out to get pizza vs. doing dishes) I was out on the road to pick up the pies. It was well worth it.

Riverview Pizza

Saturday’s weather was horrible…cold and rainy. I started the day on the treadmill and completed Cupid’s Cardio while watching Silver Linings Playbook. My mom, sister and my sister’s best friend came by the house to visit and other than hanging out with them for a few hours, I did nothing. Until dinner time that is. SL and I have been dying to try this little burger place in town, Bunz Burgers.

Bunz Burgers
(Love this sign!)

This place was AMAZING. We got burgers and hand-cut fries to-go and devoured them when we got home. My burger was piled high with bacon, pickles, jalapeños, grilled mushrooms and grilled onions. I didn’t take a picture because it was a sloppy mess after taking one bite.

Sunday’s weather was even worse than Saturday’s because it snowed. Woof. Enough already, its time for Spring. The lousy weather forced me to do TONS of prep and allowed me to finish Silver Linings Playbook. The movie was good but predictable. Perfect girly flick for a rainy, snowy weekend.

It was nice to have a “nothing” weekend especially since no part of we wanted to go out in gross weather.

And now its time to take on another work week! Wish me luck!

Emily Signature

How was your weekend?


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