Catching Up

Wow, it’s been a hot minute since the last time I checked in. Sorry about that. I was pretty busy with work and life and that’s about it, but I think thats enough. So here is my attempt on catching up with you and with EFP.

Over the past 12 days, since writing this post I have:

  • Said goodbye to a friend who is moving over a couple glasses of wine and delicious food.

soma | wine

  • Spent time with family. Including a surprise visit from my cousin who lives in Hawaii.
  • Spent time with cute babies (and my friends who have cute babies).
  • Flew to Vegas.

plane clouds

  • Attended an amazing marketing conference.
  • Ate an amazing dinner at Tao. <– Fun fact – Last time I was at Tao I was nightclubbing it up and Nelly was there! I immediately shook my tailfeather.
  • Saw One Republic perform and talked to them afterward in the casino. Totally embarrassed myself so refrained form asking for a picture.

One Republic

  • My skin saw the sunshine for the first time in eons. Sorry to blind you with my paleness.

vegas poolside

  • Took a red eye and went right to the office after. That was special.
  • The weekend came and I ate Thai food, went countertop shopping and forgot about Easter.
  • In forgetting about Easter, SL and I got Dairy Queen Blizzards instead. I had the new Salted Carmel Truffle flavor while SL went with a classic Oreo and cookie dough combination.

Note: I just looked up the nutrition facts for a Salted Caramel Truffle Blizzard – 1060 calories!! FML. Oh well, at least I skipped Easter and all of the Easter candy.

Now that I crushed nearly a full days worth of cals in one Blizzard, lets talk about workouts for the week!

Monday: Tone It Up DVD routine (DONE!!)
Tuesday: AM – 40 minute run (DONE!!) / PM – Want to try to get to pilates
Wednesday: AM – 40 minutes HIIT or maybe this 101 workout
Thursday:  AM – Pilates / PM – Walk to Blogilates book signing!
Friday: AM – Full body toning of some sort
Saturday / Sunday: Wherever the days take me 🙂

I hope you all enjoy your Tuesday. Is it the weekend yet?

Emily Signature


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