Friday Favorites – 4.10

So its been FORVER since I wrote a Friday Favorites post! Actually, its been forever since I’ve been good about blogging regularly. I should add that to my list of April goals.

Since its been about 400 years since my last Friday Favorites post, bear with me here as I have a bunch of favorite things form this week, and last week and a bunch of weeks before that.

Friday Favorites - Spring

Like my new graphic? I figured I change it up since 1) It’s “not” winter anymore (even though it snowed on Wednesday) and 2) I just need something pretty and colorful to look at while typing up this post.

Ok, back to business (or lack thereof) as usual.

Friday Favorites – 4.10

  • Dang Coconut Chips

dang coconut chips

Carmel + Sea Salt + Coconut = ❤ I bought these babies impulsively when SL and I went to Vermont and have been savoring them ever since. Don’t get me wrong here, I could easily eat this whole bag in one sitting but with what little willpower I have, I held back. I have enjoyed them over smoothie bowls, as a snack on my flight to Vegas and by the handful while cooking dinner.

  • New Workout Clothes (mostly bras)

new workout gear

I bitched to SL for months about needing new sports bras and the miser finally broke down and told me to shut my trap and go buy some. Lucky for me, our new house is mere minutes away from a TJ Maxx. I scored 4 new bras (and new capris and adidas new socks and a new Reebok zip-up) for less than one cup of a bra from lulu. I love the mesh detailing on the two pieces by Kyodan. The material is nice and thick so no worries when squatting and doing down dog.

Reebok high tops

Is it weird that I am drawn to these? I have never owned a pair of high tops and I am not even sure I could appropriately rock them but I want high tops.

  • Black Bean Hummus

black bean hummus

This was a complete impulse buy at the grocery store last Sunday and I couldn’t be happier. I found Eat Well Embrace Life Sweet and Spicy Black Bean Hummus with all of the other normal hummuses and am semi-embarrassed to say that it was gone before the week was over. I enjoyed this hummus with cucumbers and carrots and will definitely be buying it again this weekend.

So that is that for this week’s favorites. Now its time to get to work and start dreaming about the weekend! SL and I don’t have any big plans but the weather is looking up so getting some fresh air will hopefully be in the card.


Emily Signature

What have you been loving this week?


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