My Weekend in Photos and a Few Words

I can’t believe it’s already Tuesday. Yikes! Here is how my weekend went.

Friday – Ate Chinese food. Didn’t take a picture.


Hair done

  • Took a selfie with my new hair and cool shades.

Selfie - hair

1634 Meadery

(This please was really cool. We ended up trying all 5 types and bought a bottle of the Cider mead. I loved that offered food pairings with each type of mead – bottom left picture.)

  • I saw a real live knight! (<– no really, there wasn’t actually someone in the armor)



  • Found suits and ties for the big day!!

Suit and tie

(Someone looks excited <3)

That was pretty much my whole weekend! Nothing special but there will be some great posts coming up this week including:

  • Getting Certified
  • April Stitch Fix

Yay! Have a great Tuesday!


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