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About My Blog

Emily’s Full Plate began as a school project in the Fall of 2012. I was taking an elective class for my MBA program on Social Media and Guerrilla Marketing and our big project was to build a web page. I chose to start a blog on my crazy lifestyle. That semester I was taking three classes (9 credits) and was therefore full time. I was also working full time at a new job and trying to get my sweat on and have family/friends/relationship time. I ended up starting to write more (which I loved) but couldn’t schedule enough time to blog as frequently as I would have liked.

I worked on developing the concept and continued to write. The blog officially launched in January 2014 and focuses on my life as I try to balance working full time, finishing my MBA, staying active and trying to have a normal family life, friends time and relationship time.

My life is crazy at times but I love every minute of it!



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