I decided to get my MBA on a Tuesday and was registered for classes by that Friday. That’s just how I roll.

When I graduated from UConn in 2007, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I procrastinated moving home because I knew my parents would be all over me about getting a job and planning out my life. It took about 3 years before I made a decision…again, how I roll.

I started the MBA program at Salem State University in the fall of 2010. At this point I was not matriculated in the program but was able to take 9 credits (3 classes) before taking that plunge. Before applying to the program, I took all 9 credits just to make sure I was really interested.

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Fall 2010

  • ACC 720 – Financial Accounting for Managers
  • ECO 710 – Economics for Managers

Spring 2011

  • MKT 720 – Fundamentals of Marketing

After taking these classes I knew that the Sales State curriculum was for me. I took the GMAT (NOT FUN!), applied and got in! Shortly after, I met with an advisor and crafted my schedule. I remember thinking at this point that the Spring of 2014 would never come.

I was also nervous that I would not be able to keep up with all of the work while having a full-time job. My advisor assured me that most of the other in the program worked full-time jobs as well and as long as I was fully onboard with the program, I would be fine.

NOTE: Fully onboard = Summer classes, Winter classes, having no life.

As the fall rolled back around, I was nervous but ready to work. This was one of my hardest semesters.

Fall 2011

  • FIN 720 – Foundations of Finance
  • MGT 780 – Management Theory and Application

Spring 2012

  • Unplanned semester off…hey, shit happens! I made up for it…

Summer 2012

  • MGT 800 – Managing Human Performance
  • MIS 800 – Managing Information Technology
  • ACC 800 – Accounting Analysis for Decision Making

There is nothing like 3 classes to make you really appreciate only having a full time job during a beautiful summer. I didn’t slow down come fall.


Fall 2012

  • MKT 805 – Marketing Management Strategy
  • MKT 840A – Guerilla Marketing and Social Media (My first elective and the catalyst to this blog!)
  • BUS 802 – Legal and Ethical Environment

Winter 2013 10 nights, 4 hours a night…yikes!

  • MKT 800 – Consumer Behavior

This winter session class started right after New Year’s and ended right before the Spring semester started. No rest for the weary!


Spring 2013

  • BUS 840 – Managing in the Global Business Environment
  • ODS 710 – Quantitative Analysis

Summer 2013

  • MKT 830 – Promotional Policy (This was my first and only online class. I really enjoyed the freedom of it)
  • FIN 800 – Financial Management

OMG at this point I could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Seeing that I banged out like a million classes over the past year and half I was able to take another semester off. This time it was planned and MUCH needed. I was a bridesmaid in my friend Mugsy’s wedding and not having to worry about school allowed me to be the best maid ever I could be!

Spring 2014

  • ODS 800 – Operations Management
  • BUS 870 – Business Policy and Strategy

SUPER hard semester so I am SUPER happy it came last. My focus and concentration was on point. I wouldn’t have survived any other way. This was a LONG journey and I am beyond happy that I made it out on the other end!


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