Crazy Week and Weekend

I’m back!! After a crazy week and weekend, I am finally getting my act together to write this post. Let’s rewind a little.

Last Tuesday, SL and I got our engagement pictures taken. They came out so well and I can wait to get a bunch of them printed up and framed. I am also now obsessively looking at Save the Dates. Eeek, only 333 days!

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were a work-blur because I was so busy! Friday night SL and I dressed up and went to a Halloween party and Saturday we had a wedding in New Hampshire. After a whirlwind day on Saturday, we made our way home on Sunday, pulled ourselves together, watched football and hit the sheets early.

And then it was Monday again…woof but this day is already flown by!

Now on to the fun stuff!

Pile on the Miles

Monica from Run Eat Repeat hosts an annual, virtual event challenging all of us to stay motivated through November.

pile on the miles

My goal – Run/Walk 100 miles in November! This sounds lofty but I plan to walk to and from the office on work days (weather pending) and run two short runs during the week and one long run on the weekends. My half marathon training isn’t exactly on schedule and I am planning on updating my training plan this week.

I will update my Pile on the Miles update on each post to keep myself accountable and keep you updated (because of course, you care).

Mile Count

November 1 – 0, unless you count running errands

November 2 – 0, I was a waste of space

November 3 – 1.42 miles so far…add another 1.42 miles to that come 5:30! That’s a total of 2.84.

Total = 2.84 miles! 97.16 to go!



My 2nd Half Marathon

Remember when I worked a street corner last weekend? I was volunteering at a race near me and would love to say that I normally spend my weekends volunteering but I don’t. I did it so I could get a free race entry! And now I am officially signed up for my 2nd half marathon!

half impressed

And now it’s time to really train again! Summer is over and my life has gotten back on schedule, I made the commitment to do another half marathon! My first half was was back in June and I managed to train for it (and a sprint triathlon) during one of the busiest times of my life – the final semester of grad school.

twin lobster half marathon

This time around, I am training solo which scares the hell out of me. And my training schedule is far more compressed. I devised this 9-week half marathon training plan based off a suggested plan from the my asics app.

9 week fall half marathon

I learned a lot from my first half and plan to make a few changes when training for this one.

  1. Drink water during training runs – I didn’t do this at all last time around because I was nervous about running with water. Dumb. I’m not sure what my plan will be (running with water, stashing water somewhere, planning routes around the house so I can stop in and grab a sip?)
  2. Take in more calories during long runs – I researched how to do this thoroughly but realized I need to take in calories more often than most people recommend. I love Clif Shot Bloks but might try some real food this time around.
  3. Run in shorts – Training for my first half in the late winter and spring, I wore capris almost always. Then, race day came and it was hot! Well, it was hot for June. I didn’t want to switch things up on race day so I wore capris and was dying of heat.
  4. Foam roll, foam roll, foam roll – And more foam rolling. And more stretching, especially after long runs. And I would love to say more yoga but its hard to fit in.

Technically, this plan started last week but I super failed at getting all of my runs in but I am focused this week and can’t wait to hit the fall leaf covered sidewalks (and the treadmill). This is week 2 of my training and last night I completed some fun cross training last night and have my clothes ready to go for a 3-mile run tonight.

I am really looking forward to get my run game back on track!

Half MerryThon – December 7th

Past Training

Dual Training – Sprint Triathlon & Half Marathon