Friday Favorites – 4.17

Did anyone else’s week fly by? Mine did. Happy Friday!

Who is excited for the weekend? I am for a few reasons – the biggest being going to a wedding dress fitting! My dress came in early and I was able to schedule a fitting tomorrow night. On the fitness front, I will be running a 5k on Saturday and getting R.I.P.P.E.D. Certified on Sunday!

Friday Favorites - Spring

the 4-hour workweek

I just started this book on Wednesday and I am flying my way thought it. Through his pages, Tim is teaching me how to escape the rate race and experience the world while living a full life. Hopefully, one day, I have the balls to go through with everything he says to do.

tone it up socks

I got these babies as part of the TIU Bikini Series bundle that I bought. The are so thick and soft and like hugs for my feet. I love them. I tried to find them on the Tone It Up shop but they weren’t their. Sorry – I hate to rave about things that aren’t widely available but this is real life and sometimes some people get to have things and other people don’t.

  • Impromptu Date Nights

Impromptu Date Nights

Sometimes Tuesday call for Mexican. I would love to say SL and I partook in Taco Tuesday but it was more like Chips/Margs/Burritos/Chimichangas Tuesday. Whatever, I’ll take it. I got home from work and had no interest in cooking the chicken dish that was on the menu and SL mentioned Mexican and I jumped on him all over it! We actually had a little date night last night too (wing night!).

Yes, we live together, but we don’t always have the time to site and talk and just enjoy each other’s company. Impromptu dates nights are a necessity in our world.

I didn’t have all that many favorites this week but the ones that made the list, made my week so they each count as two.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Friday Favorites – 3.6

Happiest of happy Fridays my friends! This week slogged by for me and so I couldn’t be more excited for it to finally be Friday. SL and I are heading north for the weekend to go skiing and get some R&R. Nothing like a adventurous-relaxing weekend to end a tough work week.

Friday Favorites - March

So let’s get right down to it – my Friday Favorite – 3.6



I have loved Funfetti for basically my entire life. My friends and I have come up with some pretty greats excuses to make Funfetti cake – New Years? Jimmy Buffett concerts? Spring Weekend at UConn? Yes, all of these events called for cake. Now that I’m 30 and can’t justify stuffing my gob with cake every weekend, I was happy to find some lighter Funfetti recipes to experiment with.

  • Rejection Therapy

Jia Jiang wanted to desensitize himself to the pain rejection to overcome his fear. 100 Days of Rejection was his brainchild to accomplish this goal and Jia filmed himself making 100 crazy requests to people in hopes of actually getting rejected. His videos are hysterical!

Side note: Rejection might be my biggest fear. Although I take risks they tend to be more adventurous risks rather than real life risks where I might get rejected. When people say no to me, I take it personal. I don’t want to, but I do. I want to work on this. I need to work on this. But I am scared of being rejected…

  • Daylight Savings begins

scenic runs

Another exciting thing about this weekend – the time changes!! For those of us dealing with the winter from hell in the northeast, this is the unofficial sign that we are out of the woods. I will gladly give up an hour of sleep (which I don’t believe in but more on that on Monday) for more daylight in the afternoon. Time for more outside workouts!

That’s all for this particular Friday. I hope everyone has a great weekend as I know I will!

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