Not Feeling My Run Game

Maybe because I’m not specifically training for a running race. Or maybe its because it’s summer but I have been talking myself out of running lately.

I should be training for GAC more but oh well. That does not mean I’ve been totally slacking at (my fitness) life thought. Cross training is a savior when you want to shake up your routine. Whether you are in a running slump (like me) or just want to incorporate different activities in your life.

Here are some cross training actives I love:



I love being outdoors and I love a good challenge so hiking is right up my alley. Oh, and SL proposed while on a hike so hiking holds a very special place in my heart.


triathlon set up

Another great option to keep in shape while in a running slump. Your legs get a killer workout without the joint impact that comes with running. This isn’t a great “biking” picture but it’s the only one I could find. Note to self: Take more pix while biking (despite the whole helmet thing.)



I am practically a mermaid so swimming is usually my go to. Banging out laps is a great full body workout but if you can’t swim (like SL) then don’t jump in on my account, just pick another way to cross train.


beach yoga

Ahhh…I loved yoga days when I was training for the Twin Lobster Half Marathon. Yoga not only helps with flexibility but gives your mind a mental break. And who doesn’t need a relaxing mental break here and there?


empty gym

This sometimes feels like a cop out to me. Like I should be running but I’m being a puss and hopping on the elliptical instead. BUT IT’S NOT! I always manage to work up a good sweat on this machine and tend to stay on longer than I realize.


reebok skyscapes

Hello?! It’s basically running just slower and less sweaty. I walk to and from my office every days (totaling about 15 miles a week) so I don’t feel like a total loser if I don’t go for a run that day. I have a desk job so getting enough steps a day is tough but hoofing it about a mile and half each way to the office helps.

Strange as it is, this post is giving me some run motivation…

Happy Tuesday to all!