I Finally Went to Barry’s!

I can finally check one class off my Workout Bucket List! Yesterday I finally went to Barry’s Bootcamp! To say I loved this class would be an understatement. LOVE LOVE LOVE is more like it!

Barry's Bootcamp

Despite the hefty cost, $28 per class, I am going to try to make this a normal part of my workout routine. That is how much I loved it.

The class started on Barry’s awesome treadmills. These machines are like 1,000 times better than the ones I am used to running on at the gym. The class started with  a brief warm up jog followed by sprint/walk intervals with no incline then we tok it up a notch and completed sprint/walk intervals with an incline. I was already drenched with sweat and we were less than 15 minutes into class.

barrys bootcamp

(image from Barry’s Bootcamp website)

After the sprints we moved on to hill climbs. Usually my hill climbs are at a slow jogging (aka walking) pace but the Barry’s instructor, also named Emily, pushed us to run those hills. Then it was time for dynamic mode…I didn’t even know this was until the class.

Apparently some treadmills have this torturous mode call dynamic mode where you and only you have to make the belt move. I felt like I was doing mountain climbers but running at the same time…poor description, I know, I guess you just have to go to Barry’s to understand what I’m talking about.

The class I went to was focused on butt and legs so after our treadmill work was done it was time for endless squats and lunges. With weights. I used 15lb-ers and boy am I feeling it in my butt today! Best kind of pain.

If you couldn’t tell, I loved this class and I loved the instructor too (not just because we have the same name). She was encouraging yet tough and had great energy through the lunch-time class. I’m so excited I finally checked this class off my bucket list!

Workout Bucklet List Roundup & National Running Day

I would be remiss in not recognizing that today is NATIONAL RUNNING DAY!! I have not run yet today (and might not) but I went on my first post half marathon run last night. A slow but steady 2.5 mile venture. I didn’t feel strong or fast but it was nice to shake my legs out. I still think I need a few days before really getting back into running.

In honor of national running day, here is one of my latest running photos!

race photo

Gorgeous!! The half marathon photos come out tomorrow and I made an effort to pose and wave for camera so hopefully the results are better than the above (from the Chase the Gorilla 5k).

And because it is Workout Wednesday, I wanted to recap my Workout Class Bucket list!

Workout Class Bucket List

workout class bucket list


I actually was able to try a Piloxing class shortly after I posted this! I liked it. The instructor was great and the music was really upbeat but I found the different blocks to be so different that I felt a little lost sometimes. However, it made the class go by super face and I was really sweaty when it was over so all and all I would say it was a success. I think I would have to do it a few more times before fully wrapping my head around the class.

Barry’s Bootcamp

I have yet to try this class but now that school is over 🙂 I have some extra time on my hands to take some different classes. I love that they have a juice/smoothie bar in house as well. If the intense workout doesn’t get me there, the fresh drinks will!


This class probably makes me the most nervous to try. Why? Because I feel like I will be the shortest, fattest person there. Is this rational? Nope but its such a trendy thing to do that only the really trendy, non-working, model types attend SoulCycle classes. I’ll just have to get over this and go do it. Or just become a trendy, non-working, model type. Either/or.


The studio down the street from my house finally opened! They are operating on a very limited schedule (1 or 2 classes a day) right now but most of the times work out with my schedule. There is actually a class tonight (stalking their website as I type this!) Maybe it’s time to check this one off the list!

Orange Theory

Still waiting on OTF Boston to open and I can’t wait. After reading about the Fitnessista’s PR in her latest half marathon and seeing that she noted Orange Theory workouts as helping her shave 3 minutes off her time I got more excited to try these classes. I never really worked on speed during training for my half marathon mostly because my main goal was to show up on race day and finish. Now that I have a time to beat, I’d love to incorporate something like Orange Theory into my training for the next 13.1.


Damn you gym…why don’t you offer BodyPump? I would seriously go to every class I could. I miss taking this class and although the gym across the street from my office has it, I would have to pay per class and that adds up. Maybe I’ll get a second job at a gym that has BodyPump so I can; 1) Save money on gym membership because I think if you work at one you get a free membership and 2) Go to as many BodyPump classes as I can.

There it is in all of it’s glory…my Workout Class Bucket List. Hopefully I’ll start checking these classes off my list this summer. In the mean time, have a great Workout Wednesday and a great National Running Day!