5-minute Kettlebell + Burpee Workout

I have been choosing sleep over morning workouts lately and I am finally realizing that it is OK! Now that I am done with school, I actually have my nights to myself and low and behold, I actually made it to the gym after work last night! And I had a great workout! Double win!

I started on the elliptical and sweat it out for a 20 minute interval workout out with a five minute cool down. I covered 2.20 miles and according the the machine, torch 250 calories. I never trust those calorie counters though. I rounded out my time at the gym with this 5-minute Kettlebell + Burpee Workout.

Kettlebell Burpee Workout

I set my phone timer for 5 minutes and got work finishing 3 full rounds plus 2 kettlebell swings. I am already dying to do this quick workout again! I was in and out of the gym in about 35 minutes and was a sweaty beast. I loved using kettlebells again too!

The inspiration for this speedy workout came from the Zuzka Light blog (I can’t seem to find the original post). But her video of the workout is here. Follow along with her cues as well if you are new to kettlebells. She has plenty more kettlebell workouts on her channel as well.

Today was supposed to be a Barry’s Bootcamp day but in order to save some dinero I am going to hit up the good old gym after work today or do a little at home HIIT workout in my living room. Maybe I can convince SL to do it with me? Better yet, maybe I can convince him to cook dinner while I workout!

Happy hump day!

Have you recently rekindled a fitness love now that summer is over and life is back to normal?