Quintessential Fall Weekend

Happy Columbus Day and happy Monday! I hope all of¬†you have the day off from work! I don’t ūüė¶ but I did enjoy the quintessential fall weekend over the past 3 days. Although we had some¬†awful weather on Saturday, SL and I made the best of it and we were rewarded with a amazing weather day on Sunday. Here is what went down in my world over the weekend.

Friday night

SL had a burrito craving so I was more than happy to stop at Chipotle on the way home to get him a burrito and myself a burrito bowl. My Chipotle go-to order: burrito bowl with brown rice, black beans, barbacoa (spicy, tender shredded beef, braised with chipotle chiles, garlic, oregano, cumin and cloves <– from their site), corn, hot salsa, and lots of lettuce (I think its romaine). Occasionally I’ll get their guac but its so heavy so I prefer to just mash an avocado at home when I want guac.

Chipotle has a great nutrition calculator on their site so I entered my go-to meal and here is how it added up:

Chipotle bowl nutrition

I ate about 3/4 of it and saved the rest for breakfast on Saturday. Yes, breakfast, don’t judge…it was amazing!

Speaking of Saturday.

It was raining, hard. SL and I decided to head up to our local apple picking farm. Apple picking season ended early due to a shortened crop season but we bough a bunch of apples from their bins, some apple cider donuts and 6 gallons of cider…1 to drink and 5 to make our own hard cider! Our hard cider won’t be ready for a few weeks though I am already anxious to try it!

While SL was making the cider, I got my hair done! Its super brown now, no blonde in sight. I don’t have a great picture of it yet but once I do, I’ll show it off here.

After the cider making, the weather cleared up and we headed to the fair! I haven’t been to the Topsfield Fair in years (maybe a decade?) and it was great to walk around and remember all the different things I loved about going as a kid. After a couple hours of walking around we left to see our friend’s new condo and get dinner with a bunch of people.

biggest pumpkin

I happily went to bed Saturday night without setting an alarm knowing I had nothing to wake up for on Sunday.


Sunday included all of the normal things, a workout, breakfast for lunch,

breakfast for lunch

(Eggs – 2 whites and 1 whole scrambled with mushrooms, green bell pepper form our garden and spinach topped with sriracha with 2 slices of bacon)

football (yay Patriots!), grocery shopping,


meal planning and cooking.

meal planning

I prepped lots for the week and made a chili for dinner with plenty more for leftovers all week.

Fun fact, only one more week until I turn the big 3-0! I can’t believe it but I also can’t wait! I am truly excited for 30.

Hope you all have a great Monday!

How was your weekend?

Did any age really bother you?

  • I really kind of freaked out when I turned 20. Not sure why, I was still a baby and having a blast at UConn. My (almost) 30 year-old-self would have told baby Emily to chill and just drink another Twisted Tea and live it up!

Some Fall Goals

Over the summer I realized I never made any New Year’s resolutions back at the beginning of the year. I figured I would make some July Resolutions¬†and work on them for the rest of the year. I just checked them out and realized they needed a little upgrade so this fall, I am making a commitment to concentrating on a few fall goals.

Fall Resolutions

  • Run another half marathon

This is on my July list and includes running 4-5 more races. Since, I have run (kayaked and biked) the GAC, run the Yankee Homecoming 5k, and I have the Brickman Triathlon at the end of the month. I just need a add a couple more races to the docket and I will have this goal fulfilled.

On the half marathon front – I really want to run the Half Merrython in December I just need to sign up. It is run by the same event company as the Twin Lobster was and if you volunteer to work at a race, you get a free race entry…boom! Sounds like a plan to me.

  • Check in on¬†Mint.com weekly

Saving money is always a goal of mine but now that SL and I are getting married (!!!!) I really want to make sure my hard earned money is not being blown on stupid things. Logging in to Mint.com on a weekly basis (at least) will help keep me accountable and keep my spending on track.

  • Be more gluten, dairy and sugar free

I wouldn’t say my diet is bad but there is tons of room for improvement. I find that I don’t feel my best after eating these things so being more conscious of them will do nothing but help. And on a selfish point, SL and I are hoping to schedule our engagement pictures this fall and I want to look stunning!

  • Schedule my life better

This was also on my July Resolutions list and it was something I totally failed at this summer. But that is what summer is for, spontaneity and randomness. Now the easy, breezy days of summer are coming to an end I have to get back on the scheduling bandwagon. I have a triathlon coming up in a few weeks that I have done nothing for. Time to get my act together friends.

So there they are, my resolutions/goals for the fall. And since the fall technically lasts until the end of December, these will be my goals for the rest of the year. Come 2015, I will have a new set of ¬†things to work on which may or may not be all wedding/honeymoon related (can’t wait!!).

Have a wondering Monday Tuesday and enjoy the fact that it’s a short work week!

What do you want to accomplish as 2014 winds down?