Wedding Wednesday: Financé vs Financée vs Feyoncé

Lately, I have found myself typing this word a lot and I was never too sure which version of the word to use. So, I did what I always do when  I have a question – I consulted Mr. Google and was blown away by the result. So today I have officially dubbed Wedding Wednesday: Financé vs Financée vs Feyoncé.

Fiancé – SL

SL breakfast

A fiancé is a man engaged to be married.


Fiancée – Me!

engagement 2

A fiancée is a woman engaged to be married.

engagement 1

Feyoncé – Me, engaged and wanting to be Beyoncé


SL knocked it out of the park with this birthday gift. I love Queen B and try to emulate her each and every day.

Any questions?

The “101” Workout

Back to serious-ness here. I did a killer workout last night!

The 101 Workout

Get it? It all adds up to 101. Moving on.

I couldn’t decide between a cardio session or BodyPump when I got home form work so I decided to combine running and weights and came up with this gem. I finished this super sweaty workout in 34:58. My goal was 40 minutes #crushedit! I ran each of the miles on the treadmill between 6.0 and 6.8 at a 1% incline.


  • No treadmill? Run 0.5 miles from your house then run back.
  • No weights? Do regular sit ups, renegade rows and flies without weights.

Have a great Wednesday!

Emily Signature

Are you a fiancé, fiancée or feyoncé?


Made My Day

So yesterday was Tuesday, my least favorite day of week, but although it didn’t go as planned, it was the best Tuesday I’ve had in a while.

According to the plan, I was to swim and do a little extra cardio. Normal this works out well because the pool at my gym doesn’t open until 6:00am so I hope on the elliptical from 5:40ish to 6:00 then change and crank out my laps. But when my alarm went off yesterday morning, I just wasn’t feeling it. No part of me wanted to get out of bed so I didn’t.

I had no plans for the evening so what was the harm in pushing my morning workout to the evening? Nothing at all.

Work flew by, as it usually does, and as I was leaving I called SL to let him know I was planning on making fish tacos for dinner. He said he would take care of making dinner. YES! I love when he does that. Then, I came home to this…

lobster pot

A clean kitchen and my fiancé making lobsters and muscles!

I could not have been happier. Nights like these are one of the many (MANY!) reasons why I am marrying this guy. It was exactly what I needed after 3 hours of commuting and 8+ hours of working. He is a keeper 🙂

lobster dinner

(from my Insta)

At the end of the day, my workout went out the window and I was more than ok with that. Even though we live together and do a ton of things together we hardly ever sit down to a nice meal together. It was perfect…and we picked our first dance song ❤

Great night!