Twin Lobster Half Marathon

After years of going back and forth with myself, I finally committed to running a half marathon. Finally! T-minus 13 weeks until the big race. I am working on formulating a training plan with my friend Mugsy who signed up too (with only a slight amount of peer pressure from me).

Friends who long run together, stay together. Mugsy and I have done a bunch of race together and she has run a half in the past so I am looking forward to tackling this race with her and apparently wearing pink. races

My training plan will be heavily focused on getting milage in but will also include designated swim and bike days because…yeah…I am doing a triathlon in 10 weeks too.

Now, back to the half! I have been researching races around me for ever now and there are so many good ones to choose from. So how did I pick the Twin Lobster Half Marathon? My reasons are as follows, in order:

1) The name. I love lobster. I love two lobsters that look alike even more!

2) The location. Of course this is important! I don’t want to have to get up before the sun rises to drive forever to a race then run forever then drive forever home again. This race is all of 19 minutes away from home. Bed to start line in 30 minutes tops!

danvers to gloucester

3) The route. 13.1 miles of mostly flat and fast (according to the event website) along the ocean…yeah, twist my arm. Even if it takes me 4 hours, at least I’ll have some beautiful views along the way.

Twin Lobster Half Marathon

I am really looking forward to this race but I am not setting any particular time goals. This is my first half and falls a mere three weeks after a triathlon so finishing is my ultimate goal. Finishing then getting brunch with Mugsy…that’s my ultimate goal!

Who wants to run with me??

Run with me!


New Workout, New Breakfast

Today got off to an early start…a 5:15 early start! After a LONG time of being unmotivated to go to the gym before work I finally did today. I guess that race I signed up for is already a good motivator.

I had a 4+ run on my training plan and was not all that excited about it. It was only 12 degrees out this morning which meant treadmill for this girl. I’m such a wimp about running in the cold.

12 degrees

This was the sight when I walked into the gym…first one! I had my pick of treadmills (and any other machine for that matter).

empty gym

So back to my mileage…my training plan was simple, run 4 miles at a slow pace then run fast for 20 seconds followed by 2 minutes of slow running. Repeat the 20 second, two minute thing 4 times. I had some great tunes going so this run

I ended up covering 4.52 miles! I haven’t run that far in a while. I also made a conscious effort to drink water throughout the run. I have never been really good about this and with a half marathon on the calendar I know it will be an important part of my training.

4.52 miles

Post run, I was flip flopping between a savory or sweet breakfast and in a moment of pure genius, I decided on both! And the Waffle Mediterranean Chickpea Burger Sandwich was born!

Waffle Chickpea Burger Sandwich

It’s not pretty but it really was amazing. I bet it would be good with a Spicy Black Bean burger as well.

I also enjoyed a cup of Yogi Carmel Apple Spice tea. This was the first time I tried it after buying it on a whim at Whole Foods this weekend. It’s absolutely delicious!

Carmel Apple Spice Tea

Time for work!