15-Minute Sweaty HIIT Workout

HIIT workouts are everywhere and for good reason. They are effective and efficient (two of may favorite words). HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts can be completed in even the shortest time frame and work all the muscles…hence why you get SO sweaty. I’ve done this 15-minute sweaty HIIT workout a couple times this week and figured I’d share it.

15-minute sweaty HIIT workout

All you need for this workout is a set of dumbells (and a kettle bell if you have one. If not, no big deal).

If you want to make this workout harder or easier, play around with the interval timing – try 30 on 30 off. If you are super ambitious today, try completing the workout twice. Just make sure to take water breaks (or any breaks) as needed.

Today’s Workout

This morning started early at 5:15 and i dragged my tired legs out of bed to complete this workout followed by a 15 minute walk. My legs were only up for walking after doing about a thousand lunges and squats yesterday with my at home BodyPump. Les Mills – I love you, hate you, love you.


Last night I made myself 2 protein pancakes (protein powder, egg whites, banana, cashew milk and cinnamon) for this morning and tomorrow morning’s breakfast. I love having a warm breakfast on cold mornings but I NEVER have time to make one. Hence, making them the night before.

I topped my pancake with 4 sliced strawberries and heated one of my pancakes up in the microwave. Warm pancakes with warm strawberries – AMAZING! I will be doing the exact same thing tomorrow morning!

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Let me know if you try this workout!


Quick + Sweaty HIIT Workout

Guess what day it is?! We are already at the halfway mark which is especially exciting because this is a long weekend for me (and most of the U.S.). Sorry I missed you yesterday but work and home got in the way so I’m bringing yesterday’s post to you this morning.

I consider workouts a success when 1) I am sweaty; 2) I still feel great after and; 3) When SL will actually do them with me. He is much more of a team sport guy and I am more of an individual athlete so our versions of working out don’t always mesh.

I did however convince him to this this Quick + Sweaty HIIT Workout with my the other day so I decided to share it because it fulfilled my 3 criteria.

Quick + Sweaty HIIT Workout

Quick Sweaty HIIT Workout

Videos for the two weird moves:

Bird Dogs

Side Plank (knee to elbow) – Use the first 15 seconds for the right side and the second 15 seconds for the left side

I used a new-to-me app called Tabata Stopwatch Free. I really like this one because its completely customizable. You can enter in so many things including:

  • Initial countdown time
  • Warmup Interval
  • Exercise Interval (for this one I did 30 seconds)
  • Rest Interval (10 seconds did the trick in this workout)
  • Number of Sets (There are 12 in this workout)
  • Recovery Interval (the time between each full set)
  • Number of Cycles (I did 2 but if you are feeling it go for more!)

You can also save a set of measures for use at another time, alter the sounds in between sets (I used the Chinese Gong!), set an interval vibration (great if you are at the gym and have your phone attached to your body) and select music. All and all I love it!

Are you more of a team sports person or an individual athlete?

I grew up playing team sports then found of love of studio fitness classes in college and triathlon right after college. Ever since I’ve been more of an individual athlete. I enjoy beating myself more than beating others!