Vision Board

I started my vision board years ago and it has been lying dormant in my parents house unfinished and not looked at for a long time. When I started making this board I was really in a weird place in my life. I had just gotten out of a long-ish term relationship, I was unhappy in my current job and I was just realizing that health and fitness had or was going to have a huge part in my life but wasn’t exactly sure how to fit it in.

vision board

As I was packing up my old bedroom this past weekend, my mom asked if I was going to keep it. I first noticed that I had never fully finished (and said I should) and secondly I noticed I had already realized a bunch of my visions.

This made me take a second to think back on the last few years and how much I have accomplished.

Ran my first half marathon

half marathon

This has been something I have been wanting to do for years. What I really needed to accomplish this goal, but didn’t know until recently…a friend. I needed my running buddy and bestie to be there by my side and that she was. It was an amazing experience and I had a blast training and running with one of my best friends.

Spontaneity and exploration

Spontaneity and exploration

Now, I doubt I will ever say that I have fully completely being spontaneous or that I have fully explored all that I want to explore but I did book a trip to Iceland on a whim and travel by myself. It was one of the most amazing trips of my life and I cannot wait to go back one day (hopefully with SL).

Iceland Trip Recaps:

MBA Program

MBA Schedule

When I sat with my advisor (who later turned out to be one of my favorite professors) to make my schedule I though Spring 2014 would never come. But low and behold it did, two and half long, hard years later I am officially a grad school graduate.

I haven’t fully completed everyone of my vision board but it is a fun reminder to push for the things in life that will make your life most worth living. I am going to finish my vision board and keep it someone a bit more prominent so it is always reminding me to strive for more.


Iceland: Day 3

If you missed Day 1 and Day 2, check them out!

Day 3 in Iceland was another unbelievably amazing day. This was our free day. I started the day with a quick walk around Reykjavik. It was finally sunny out and the city was beautiful.

Reykjavik iceland Photo-3_11_13-8.49.46-AM-203

I did a little shopping for myself and found these gems. How could I leave Iceland without a Nordic print leggings!

Nordic leggings

There were a bunch of tours offered for the day or we had the option of going it on our own. I decided to sign up for a volcanic exploration tour with a group of others in my tour group. I wasn’t too sure what to expect but when I saw this…

mountaineers of iceland

I knew we were in for a fun day! Within a 10 or so minutes we were legit driving up a volcano.

Photo-3_11_13-8.49.46-AM-212 Photo-3_11_13-8.49.46-AM-220

The views were nothing less than stunning. Iv’e said it before but Iceland is seriously the most diverse and amazing place I have ever seen.

Photo-3_11_13-8.49.46-AM-222 Photo-3_11_13-8.49.46-AM-221

We were also in awe of the vehicle we were cruising around it for the day.

Photo-3_11_13-8.49.46-AM-227 Photo-3_11_13-8.49.46-AM-229

Next stop, this lake. I forget the name of it.

iceland lake

Looks like a normal lake, right? It’s not. During Iceland last big earthquake (maybe like 5 years ago) this lake was about 70 feet deeper! At some point during the earthquake the earth opened up and swallowed TONS of water from the lake. Where it went, I’lll never know. The Earth is a pretty amazing thing!


After the amazing disappearing lake, we went to a hot spring hot spot.

danger hot springs!

Despite the chilly temps, it felt warm here because there was HOT HOT HOT steam rising up everywhere.

hot springs Photo-3_11_13-8.49.46-AM-270

After the hot springs we continued driving and ended up on the south side of the island where it meets the Atlantic Ocean. It was crazy windy and the waves were HUGE!

Photo-3_11_13-8.49.46-AM-285 Photo-3_11_13-8.49.46-AM-289

The “beach” was all made of black lava rock. There were millions of these round rocks! With my guide’s permission, I snagged a couple to bring home. I think the best part about this trip was the guide. He took us completely off the beaten path and we did not see another tourist all day. He was the man. Back to the lava rocks…so pretty.

lava rocks

After another short drive, we ended up here. The pictures barely do this justice but my words couldn’t even come close.

Photo-3_11_13-8.49.46-AM-298 Photo-3_11_13-8.49.46-AM-299 Photo-3_11_13-8.49.46-AM-300 Photo-3_11_13-8.49.46-AM-301 Photo-3_11_13-8.49.46-AM-302 Photo-3_11_13-8.49.46-AM-296

Me and my new bestie! I forget what bird this is but it doesn’t really matter because whatever it is, its extinct.

bird statue iceland

So many sights to see in one day! After all of this we went back to Reykjavik, made another stop at Noodle Corner and headed back to the hotel. There was a tour heading out that night to chase down the Northern Lights, should I go? Of course I should! And I am glad I did.

The lights weren’t bright but I saw them! Check that off the bucket list. Unfortunately I could not take any pictures because I only had my camera phone. In order to capture this phenomenon on film (or on a memory card) you need a nice camera with a time lapse function that you know how to use. Way beyond my capabilities (as on now!).

After the midnight trip to see the lights, we got back to the hotel, and drank Icelandic wine until about 4:00 am. Nothing like making fast friends in a foreign country!

Stay tuned for the my 4th and final day in the land of the midnight sun.