Protein MilkShake Bar {Review}

When Protein MilkShake Bar reached out to me to try their new premium blend whey protein, I jumped at the chance. Protein powders can be expensive and they always seem to come in massive containers so I am always hesitant to try something new. No one wants to spend money on a product they don’t like.

Protein MilkShake Bar

I did a little research on the Protein MilkShake Bar sight and found that this Canadian company was founded by a woman (yay!!) and they believe in a healthy lifestyle upgrade incorporating natural foods, high quality supplements, weight training and HIIT. This is what I strive for on a daily basis as well.

I also learned that their products are gluten-free and come in the most amazing sounding flavors! Cake batter, Cream Puff, Rocky Road and Chocolate Carmel all stood out to me. I decided to go with the cake batter flavor because all the other protein powders I’ve tried have been chocolate so I wanted to switch it up. And because it’s cake batter and who doesn’t love cake batter?

Protein MilkShake Bar

My first thought…SO SWEET! I am usually more of a savor breakfast person so the (natural) sweetness jolt surprised me but upon second sip, I loved it. Protein shakes make the perfect breakfast for me because they are easy to make and bring with me in the car and on the train.

The Macros Breakdown

Cals – 120
Protein – 22g
Carbs – 4g
Fat – 1g

Overall Impression

I really enjoyed this protein powder. It was not chalking and didn’t have a weird texture like some other powders. I can’t say that it’s the best ever but it is delicious and I would absolute try the other flavors – chocolate carmel is calling my name!

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Jumping on the Shakeology Bandwagon

A huge shout out to my cousin-in-law (is that a real term?) for getting me on the bandwagon! I kept referring to her as my sister-in-law to SL when I was telling him how she sent me a Shakeology sample that I was dying to try. After calling her my SIL more than a couple times I realized I would never actually have a SIL. SL is an only child and my sister is totally into dudes so the best I can hope for is a BIL.

But seriously, Lori, and all of my CILs are are amazing and are all like SILs and BILs to me!

I digress…on to Shakeology.

Shakeology package

I opted to try the chocolate flavor because it gives me an excuse to have chocolate for breakfast (I choose right). My sample, one serving packet came with a 30-day recipe guide as well as a great info book on Shakeology. All of these recipes look amazing but I opted for my own version.

My Morning Shake

I blended it all up and its was AMAZING!! (I should have added a handful of spinach…oops)


I’ve tried a few other protein powders in smoothies and shakes but this one topped them all. It wasn’t chalky or flavorless at all. I actually enjoyed drinking every last drop of my shake. Good thing SL had this beer stein to fit the whole shake in! Totally normal to drink protein shakes out of a beer stein, right?!

The only down side to this, and many other protein powers, is the price. A 30-serving bag is $130 which breaks down to just over $4 a serving. This is a little high in terms of my personal breakfasts but it might be worth it 🙂

Is anyone else on the Shakeology bandwagon?