Ready for PYEONGCHANG 2018

I consider myself a decent skier. I like to challenge myself on some runs while on others I like to take the meandering green circle trail all the way down. Last Friday, SL and I played hooky  and headed up to Fayston Vermont to ski Mad River Glen, a first for both of us.

SL loves, like LOVES, woods skiing so he was in heaven. Mad River Glen had recently got dumped on by about 24″ (2 feet!) of snow! Conditions were perfect and we skied all day.

On our last run SL wanted to film his amazing skier girlfriend (me!) with his GoPro. I usually don’t make his skiing movie reel because he is off in the woods and I am on the trails with the rest of the common folk.

Friday was different because I was actually weaving in and out of a few trees myself! I was excited to make the movie reel for the first time so right before I headed into a (sparsely) wooded area I told SL to press play.

So here is my ski movie DEBUT (in gif form)!!

PyeongChange 2018

Yup, totally ready for the 2018 South Korea Olympics! PyeongChange here I come (link)!

I completely fell over nothing. If you have known me for an stretch of time this will not surprise you. I sometimes really have two left feet. Ugh. I thought I would grow out of my clumsiness but I’m beating down 30’s door and I am still falling over myself.


Weekend Fun!

This weekend was a blast! SL and I finally got a chance to ski thanks to the snow storm we got a few days ago.

magic mountain

Saturday morning we got out of bed at 5:30 AM (woof), packed up our gear and headed up to Magic Mountain in Vermont. By 9:00 AM we were on the chair lift! Magic is not as resort-y as some of the other mountains so it was perfect for us…no lines…not $100 per lift ticket.

SL and EH ski

We had an absolutely beautiful bluebird day and took complete advantage of it. We only stopped for about 40 minutes to eat sandwiches and homemade granola bars.


We skied until about 3:00 PM when our burning thighs told us it was time to stop. On the way home we stopped at SL’s college friend’s new house then headed home. Super long day but WELL worth it!


Sunday was busy, as usual. House hunting, massive amounts of laundry and conferencing calling with my group for some homework. Sunday (Un)Funday? Yup! But Saturday made up for it.

Sunday night was all about watching the Olympics and resting up for the undoubtedly busy week ahead. I am already looking forward to next weekend…is that bad? Oh well! Happy Monday!