Tri Me!

I signed up for another triathlon! I have seriously needed to start training for something again and the Brickman Triathlon is a great race to do just that.

Brickman Triathlon

This race is not new to me as I competed in it back in 2010. Yikes, I can’t believe it was 4 years ago. But yes, I have done this race before and I remember it being a chilly morning but a quick race. Perfect for ending the triathlon season (for me.)

triathlon set up

The Brickman is a sprint distance triathlon which means short…and great for first timers or peeps like me who enjoy training but have a real life as well. I would love to live in triathlon training world where I had hours upon hours each day to swim bike and run but alas, I live in the real world and have to go to work every day.

The swim is in a pool…yay! This means warm and quick. I do LOVE swimming but I also enjoy the ease of starting the swim portion of a triathlon staggered so I don’t have strangers kicking me in the face.

The bike is 3 loops around a flat, 3.4 mile course. Unlike the Triathlon by the Sea, this course isn’t particularly scenic but that’s ok, it just means I’ll have to concentrate on pedaling faster. Zoom!

The run is a super flat, 4.5 loop course around the town common for a total of 3 miles. Nothing much by the way of scenery. I remember it being really cold 4 years ago and feeling good running. I was cruising along, minding my own business and I saw a MAN doing a walk of shame home carrying HIS HEELS!! Yes, a cross-dressing-walk-of-shame!! If I can only be so lucky this year to see such a sight.

I thought it would be fun to look up my results from 2010 and see how I did…

Swim – 5:17 (10 laps)

Bike – 43:56 (13.9 mph)

Run – 28:37 (9:23min/mi)

TOTAL – 1:21:49

Not too bad. But I would love to beat it. Look at that run time though…great min/mi for a tri!

Now time to create a training plan and stick to it. Because this course is super flat, I will focus on doing some speed work on the bike and on the run. I honestly do not remember one single hill on this course so no real need for a ton of hill workouts (which I actually enjoy more than speed workouts.)

I’ll post the training plan later this week for anyone who is interested (but mostly for me so I know where it is at all times.)

Happy Tuesday folks!

Does anyone else have any fall races they are gearing up to train for?

Back to Normal

Yesterday was a weird day. I skipped my morning workout in favor of a couple extra hours of sleep. I worked from home which I have not been doing much of lately. Then ended up doing my brick workout in the late afternoon before heading to class. I felt like I needed to hit the reset button to get myself back to normal.

My Pearberrycado smoothie and getting some sun while running outside (during my brick workout) definitely got me back to where I need to be.

all smiles

Friday morning = swim day! I love swim days because I love swimming. I think when I grow up I’ll be a mermaid.

mermaid flask

(Source: Etsy)

This morning I did a longish but easy swim. My biggest concern was what color swim cap to wear. Looking through my swim bag I found four options; yellow, navy blue, regular blue and hot pink. After about 1 second of deliberation, I went with the pink.


I also grabbed my comfy goggles. They fog up towards the end but they are so much more comfortable than my other pair so I went with it. I also use a lap counter when I swim because after roughly 2 laps I start to lose count. These little gizmos are inexpensive and after having mine for years, the battery still somehow works.

Needless to say, after this long week I am looking forward to the weekend! On the docket this weekend:

  • Long run with Mugsy – 6 miles followed by…
  • Juice date with Mugsy! She and her husband got a juicer for their wedding and we are going to break it out and juice away!
  • Homework
  • Some quality SL time (he has had a rough week too…I see some serious couch time in our future)

I hope everyone has an awesome Friday and an even better weekend!