An Amazing Wedding Weekend

This weekend was one of those that I feel like I need a weekend to recover from my weekend! There were so many laughs and so much love but so little sleep. Last night was an early one for sure.

Here is a random photo-dump post to explain to recap the weekend.


friday morning coffee

Spartan Race



Beautiful Lake Winni


One of the table names at the wedding was Mount Major, where SL and I got engaged. We snagged it and will find somewhere special in the house to display it.


Myself, the groom, John, the bride, Marette and SL.


All the groomsmen (and the groom, of course)

Castle in the Clouds

The ceremony was outside atop a mountain. To say it was stunning would be an understatement.

Bus ride

Funny faces!

SL is away for a few days and I know I’ll be busy with work so I haven’t meal planned yet but I plan on doing it tonight.

Workout-wise, I have the Great Adventure Challenge to look forward to this weekend but I am going to stick to my normal schedule:

MondayBarry’s Bootcamp! I can’t wait to knock this one off my Bucket List.

Tuesday: 20 minute swim (speed) + 20 minute cardio

Wednesday: 40 minute bike

Thursday: 30 minute run + strength sesh

Friday: 30 minute swim

Saturday: Great Adventure Challenge!!

Sunday: REST! I am going to need it!

 Looking forward to another summer week. Hopefully I will take full advantage as we don’t have too many of them left. Tomorrow I will recap the 5k I ran last week.


Wedding Wednesday: Choosing (and asking) My Maids

This was one of the easiest wedding decisions I’ve had to make. I’m not one of those girls who has hoards and hoards of friends. Like Mugsy says, we keep it tight. I absolutely have a bunch of extremely meaningful friendships with girls from all different stages of my life but the girls who I have asked to stand next to me on my wedding day mean the absolute world to me.

First and foremost, my sister Lindsay – Maid of Honor

Lindsay and me


We have been a team since the day she was born.

How I asked – with chocolate. We made a date to have dinner together a few days after I got engaged but before we went she came to the house to say hi to SL and congratulate us both. I whipped out a bag of her favorite chocolates (Dove) and asked nicely for her to (do it all over again and) be my maid of honor. She is currently in the throes of Maid of Honoring for her best friend, who is like another little sister to me.

Zanna – Best friend and Maid of Honor

4. Zanna


How I asked – with this collage. Zanna, Scott and I had plans to get dinner dinner one night so I made sure to have this ready and in hand when we met up. I told her it was a card for something (I don’t even remember what) but then said she should open it before we ate because it was funny or something. I lied 🙂

Mugsy – Amazing friend, running partner and bridesmaid

2. Mugsy

How I asked – with this collage. We were meeting up the day before our half marathon to drive the course. I gave her a card “thanking her for being a great running partner” but really it was a card asking for her to be a part of our big day!

Michele – Amazing friend and bridesmaid

3. Michele

How I asked – with this collage. We met up for an ice cream date one night and gave her a small baby gift (she’s due any day now) and a card. Her baby shower invites said no cards so I told her I had to get her a card anyway and wanted her to open it during our ice cream date. Another lie…it was this collage and a card asking her to be a bridesmaid!

Marysa – Amazing friend, confidant and bridesmaid

1. Marysa

How I asked – with this collage. The night Zanna and I went out to dinner and I asked her, I brought this collage to ask Marysa as well. I knew I would see her at the restaurant we went to (she works there) and I knew I wanted to ask her sooner rather than later. We have known each other the least amount of time out of all of the girls but we became fast friends and I love her so so so much! (my mom thought we were dating at one point haha)

Karen – Cousin, fellow UConn grad and bridesmaid

6. Karen

How I asked – Ugh…via text. I wanted to wait until I saw this past weekend but I got impatient and texted her while I was at work one day. This wasn’t what I had planned but it worked and she said yes! I love this picture of us. It was supposed to be all the Hursty girl cousins (beauties!) but then my cousin’s son jumped in and my uncle photo bombed all of us. My family…just love them all!

Actually, they all said YES! I couldn’t be happier and I can’t wait to start planning and integrating these girls into everything.